As the Year Draws to A Close…

It was five years ago. I had just read somewhere that one could benefit from journalizing dreams. The article also claimed that writing down our dreams could assist in developing the skill for lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is said to occur when you can deliberately determine what to dream of, how you want the dream to go, what you want to see in it, and how you want it to end. In other words, your dream becomes a “personal movie” produced and directed by you. Amazing, right? That was what I read. I have not developed to that stage of dreaming. If you are interested in lucid dreaming, you may want to search the net for more information on it.

So, on that day of 11th February, 2005, after reading about the benefits of journalizing dreams, I walked up to the nearest bookshop to pick up a big journal book for my dreams. My first experience was clearly entered in the journal on 12th February, 2005 – an account of the previous night.

Two days ago, I was looking for a certain material in my library when I stumbled on that same dream journal which has now become quite dusty.  On the cover is an inscription, “My Dream Journal.”

How time flies!

I sat down quietly and started reading each of the dreams I had recorded way back in 2005. I even have a page titled “Introduction” in the journal book. It reads: “This journal is aimed at recording my dreams with a view to improving my memory as claimed by experts. I also want to see how my dreams turn out to come true, or fail to come true, by reviewing whatever I write here from time to time in future days. I don’t think I want to lucid dream; so that’s not the purpose of this journal…”

As I went through the now dusty journal book page by page, I noticed that I had actually recorded about 20 dreams of different dates in it. The last record for 2005 was entered into the journal on August 10, 2005. I then stopped. But I returned to the journal again in June 2009 – a whole four years after!

Did my practice continue thereafter? No way! The second experience lasted barely two weeks with just three entries, and I stopped completely; never to sight the journal again until two days ago. But, believe me, reading this journal book once again confirms to me that our dreams have a way of talking to us indirectly. If only we could give them proper interpretations, our life would be much better.

There was a unique style I adopted in making my entries into that dream journal book. I noticed that each dream entry has a conclusion or, better still, a kind of endnote in which I prayed or made a firm decision to do something to make my dream come true. That’s talking about the sweet ones among my dreams, of course!

Reflecting on those journal entries now makes me feel a combination of happiness and sadness. I feel happy because I actually took some steps on certain aspects of my life, and the rewards have been so great.

On the other hand, I feel so sad that I left a couple of things undone. And how time flies!

‘Why didn’t I take a step on this dream six years ago? Was that dream preparing me for what happened last year or what?’ These and many more were the questions that bombarded my head as I sat quietly on the bare floor of my library reading through my old dream journal.

So, what’s my message here? It is very clear: We must stop procrastinating. We must act on our dreams. And the time for you and I to act is NOW. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. And how time flies, indeed! I can’t believe that it’s been that long since I started making those entries in my journal book. My handwriting remains the same. My style remains unchanged. It’s just like yesterday. But behold, I am six years older now! But I’m so grateful that my happiness far outweighs my regrets over those journal records. What would have happened if it had been the other way?

Interestingly, the second phase of my dream journal started in 2009. My goodness, it’s been another two years already! Before one says “Jack Robinson,” it would be five years again.

Don’t worry if what you always have when asleep are nightmares instead of sweet dreams. Of course, none of us wants nightmares in our life. But I’m sure you know the kind of dreams I’m talking about here. A dream is a form of visualization. Your aim should be to feel what you see; that is to feel what you see in your mind.

Time is our essential commodity. But each of us has the same amount of time. It is 24 hours a day for everyone. Success depends on how we each utilize the 24 hours that God has given us all. As Peter Drucker rightly observed, “You cannot manage time, you can only manage yourself.” We must do what we need to do on time, and abandon the habit of postponement.

I’m sure some readers of this article will come back to this website in five years’ time, look back at their achievements, and be proud of themselves. They will even thank me in their hearts for writing this article. Others, hope you won’t be one of them, will read this post again five years down the line and they would say, “Had I known…”

By now, you are probably drawing up your Year 2012 resolutions. The funny thing is that most people don’t ever follow their beautiful New Year plans. The rugged among us manage to stick to their plans till February or March of any new year before giving up. Bear in mind that you will add another year to your age in 2012, and you will move a year closer to your death that same year. Time waits for no one. Dream sweet dreams and follow them in the New Year. You are not getting younger.

I wish you sweet dreams and the iron heart to follow them through.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!

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  1. What a nice article. I am going to find a way of seeing you physically for more talks about this.

    Thanks very much!

  2. We can only ask for the grace of God to see us through our dreams and resolutions. Nice write up sir. Have a wonderful christmas and new year

  3. Now i remember that people will not ask me’HOW YOUNGER ARE YOU? But instead they will ask ‘HOW OLD ARE YOU.thanks for the word.wishing you merry xmas and happy new year in advance!

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