It’s April – A Quarter is Gone!

Yes, it’s April. It is the beginning of a new quarter – the second quarter of the year.

So, “how far now?” That’s a common Nigerian parlance. At this point, you and I should go into our closets and ask, “How far now with my life?” We should, individually, carry out some self appraisal for the first quarter of the year.

Though the first quarter is gone already and nobody can do anything about it again, the proposed self assessment exercise will surely help you forge ahead in the new quarter that has just started.

          • “What do I want to achieve during this second quarter of the year?
          • “In  which areas did I do well between January and March?”
          • “Where do I need to make some corrections in April?”
          • “How far have I gone with my ‘Life Blueprint’ or ‘My 2012 Resolutions?’”
          • “What unnecessary ‘baggage’ did I carry up till March that must be dropped in April?”
          • “What are those things that I must aim for in the course of this new month of April?”

 These are just a few of the questions that should receive our attention in the early part of this new month of April – the beginning of another quarter.

“Marching Forward in March” was published on this page a month ago (i.e. beginning of March). In it, I opined that you shouldn’t wait till the end of March before doing your quick assessment. I’m sure some people would have seen the wisdom in what I said and followed by advice. Others, of course, would have said, “Don’t mind him, is this not the beginning of March? Can’t the assessment wait till the end of the month?”  How time flies! The end of March has now come and gone. We are now in April. What excuse do you have left? Brave is he who takes his destiny in his hands!

Here is a fact you must know and keep close to heart: Many people avoid self assessment because they are scared. Yes, they are afraid of confronting the bitter truth of their lives. Something keeps telling them that they are not on the right path, but they don’t want to accept. They would rather play the game of avoidance; avoiding the obvious. Yet, one day, sooner or later, circumstances will force them to accept the truth. Unfortunately, it would be too late for them to make any amendment at that stage.

One of the things that life has taught me is that it doesn’t take long at all before one becomes old. It’s a hard fact. It’s the truth! Today, you’re 20 years of age. Before you know it, you are already 30. Shortly thereafter, and I really mean shortly, you are 40, 50, 60, 70…and, if you’re lucky, 80plus. You then begin to wait – waiting for the time to go home!   It is finished. O pari.

That’s one fact. Another fact of life is that many people grow physically old quite quickly not so much because of lack of adequate care for their body, but much more because of their inner sadness. They are full of regrets over their wasted lives…most especially their youthful period. Those are the type of people who would try to pull down any young person instead of supporting him. It’s not that they actually hate the younger ones. Rather, their main problem is that something inside makes them resent young people. They have deep-seated regrets – regrets over their inability to achieve certain things in their “own days.”

Our road to greatness of tomorrow is constructed today. As we all know, minutes role into hours; hours roll into days; days into weeks; weeks into months; months into quarters; and quarters into years! This is April.  This is the second quarter of the year. As they say, “Time waits for no one.”  Determine in your heart that you must achieve some form of greatness during this quarter. That is where the decision becomes yours and yours only, as I wouldn’t know what “greatness” means to you as a person. But I believe we all have a common understanding that “greatness” is reserved for something that is worthwhile. With determination, nothing is impossible for you and me to achieve!

I wish you success as you step into this new quarter – the second quarter of 2012.

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