Liars, Their Acts, and How to Deal with Them

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A question appeared on MegaInsights Facebook Page a couple of days ago that read, “Let’s assume that you were at the heaven’s gate and God asks, “Why should I let you in?” What would be your response? Reactions to that question are quite interesting and you can check them out.

Unknown to those who saw that Facebook post, something actually triggered the question. It came as a result of reflections over the kinds of lies that people tell in life. Some people can wake up the dead with their lies!

But why do people tell lies?

How come some people cannot survive a day without telling lies?

Why do we have so many pathological liars in our world?

Well, I guess you know who pathological liars are. They are the type of people that cannot do without cooking up one form of lie or the other. Lies are in their bloodstream. They live, eat, and die as liars.

In the process of lying to people, or lying against people, pathological liars actually end up deceiving themselves! A pathological liar tells a lie in the living room; he enters the bedroom; looks into the mirror with smiles, and says, “Yes! I have just deceived that monkey.” He fails to realize that he’s actually a foolish monkey. As the Yorubas say, “If you think you’re wise and others are not; you are the father of all monkeys.”

The question of ‘Why?’

So why on earth do people tell lies?

Well, our world has always been with lies, and this same world is developing on a daily basis.

As we advance as a people, so does the number of liars in our world increase by the day!

Lies have a way of reproducing themselves.

When you tell a certain lie now, you must look for another lie to cover it up next time so that the secret will not be in the open. As you tell the second lie, you must also think of the third one to cover up both the first and the second lies.

That’s how lies multiply.

Because our world has become a world of lies, those who tell the truth are shrinking in number rapidly. The team of liars then continues to win new souls to their fold on a daily basis.

Read the Holy Bible or any of the ancient books very well, you will observe that men have always told lies from the beginning.

At a time, we were told the world was round; now we are told it is flat – though the shape is globe.

At a time, we were told that homosexually must be abhorred; now we are made to believe that it is appropriate.

At a time, we were told that there is God and heaven; now some guys argue there isn’t such a thing.

At a time we were asked to respect marriage vows; now pastors themselves divorce at will.

We now live in a world where the language of living; the language of acceptance; the language of money; and the language of survival has become L.I.E.S – LIES!

It is now a case of if you must live well; you must be ready to lie.

Sadly, everyone now seems to accept lies to be “the normal thing.”

That’s why a man will lie to a lady to win her heart.

That’s why a woman will lie to a man to get his money.

That’s why you would most likely rise quickly in your office with lies.

That’s why organizations will conveniently lie to their customers.

That’s why employees will lie to their employers.

That’s why employers will deceive their staff.

That’s why visa applicants will lie in their application forms.

And that’s why politicians must tell enough lies to win people’s support.

We are in a world of lies – a world of deception!

The effects

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the horrible effects of lies?

I doubt.

But if you don’t; please ask a lady who has just been deceived into a relationship.

You can ask a gentleman who has just been deprived of certain benefits because someone lied against him.

And you may want to ask those who have spent some years in jail for crimes they did not commit.

All of them will give you good lectures on the destructive nature of lies.

No doubt, lies can be so hurtful.

Lies maim, destroy, and kill. They are the greatest weapons of the devil.

Haha, you wonder why I’ve suddenly become religious with this post? Yes, I have to. We are spiritual beings, after all. And some liars seem to be suffering from spiritual problems anyway.

If not, why would someone tell lies against his fellow human?

Why would she deceive someone into doing her will?

And why would he say what he knows within his innermost heart to be FALSE?

Check out the profile of liars. They have some deficiencies that are spiritual in nature.

Those who tell lies are cowards; they shy away from their responsibilities; they find it convenient to blame others for their inadequacies; they have some psychological issues; and they never know inner peace.

Any hope for the righteous?

The first question is whether there is really anyone that is righteous. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t tell lies?


When you live in a world that speaks the language of lies, it becomes very difficult to survive as an honest person.

That’s why honest people are prosecuted.

That’s why they don’t rise fast.

That’s why they’re avoided and detested.

You may not agree with some of what I’m saying here but I won’t blame you for it. Truth rarely sells; it’s a world of lies.

But you can do your findings. You can ask WikiLeaks. You can ask Saharareporters. And you can ask Pastor Tunde Bakare of Nigeria.

Are these and other guys always truthful?


In fact, they too tell some lies. Yes, they do. It’s the only way they can survive in this world of lies that we live in.

But back to that question: Truth always prevails, and a few still strive to be truthful despite the vapour of lies that often touch them.

The Way Out

Now, put yourself in the shoes of a victim. See yourself as someone who has been lied to, or against.

How does it feel?

Terrible, I’m sure.

So, how does the honest man (woman) deal with all the lies around him? How does he survive the onslaught? And how does he continue to remain an upright person in the midst of lions of liars?

The solution is very simple.

First, make up your mind that you will NEVER join them.

Second, be prepared to pay the price of honesty; otherwise you will end up with too many heart bruises that may end your life prematurely.

Third, pray for the grace of God to weather the storm. In other words, ask for His wisdom.

View liars as people with problems. Disregard them. Assure yourself that if they were that normal, they would not be involved with all the lies they tell.

One thing is certain: Truthfulness pays better at the end of the day. The only problem is that lies might have caused a lot of havoc before the truth vindicates itself.

In every circumstance, though, an honest person remains a free wo/man on earth; and he/she would probably make heaven.

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