Marching Forward in March

Today is the third day in the third month of the year. So how has it been with you so far? Are you following your plans as resolved in January? Don’t tell me you have already dumped your New Year Resolutions that early. Trust you haven’t. Have you?

I remember writing “As The Year Draws to A Close” on December 17, 2011. Hope you read it. If not, I advise you do. Now that we are in the third month of the year, which is also the end of the first quarter of the year, it’s time to carry out a quick assessment.

Did you know that March was actually the first month of the year in the ancient days? The word ‘March’ is from the ancient Rome ‘Martius’ or Mars, the Greek god of war. March is the beginning of spring. It was the beginning of Roman New Year and the start of military campaign season in those olden days.

Great Britain and its colonies also used to observe March 25th as the beginning of their New Year until 1751 when they changed to the Gregorian (modern day) calendars. Since then, January 1 has been adopted as the new first day of each year. Scotland also changed from March to January in 1600. Russia had March 1 as its first day of a New Year until the 15th Century and, up till today; many cultures and religion still adopt March as the beginning of their brand New Year.

This short history tells us that the people of those days would have been drawing up their New Year Resolutions in March. They would have closed their “books” for the previous year in February, and start implementing the New Year’s budget as from the month of March.

As we are now using Gregorian calendars, it would be unwise for anyone to start drawing up his or her Year 2012 personal blueprint in March. That should have been done in or before January. By now, what we should all be doing is assessing how far we have gone with our plans for the year.

As someone who likes practicing whatever he preaches, I have just carried out my own personal assessment and scored myself a moderate 55% for the first two months of 2012. We still have 28 days to the end of the first quarter so I am convinced that I will cross 80% before March runs out.

Honestly, it takes a lot of discipline for one to follow one’s personal life blueprint. But imbibing this culture of discipline is one of my New Year Resolutions for 2012 and I have decided to stick to it wholeheartedly. I have also realized that it would be difficult for me to sustain this discipline without a periodic assessment. If we do it in our work places, why can’t we do it in our personal capacities? Please do yours if you have not done so already.

You may want to argue that the end of first quarter is still far so the assessment can wait for now. The problem is that waiting may be quite dangerous for you. What if you have already started deviating from your plans? Would it be possible for you to claim the days lost by the time the end of the quarter arrives? If you sit down patiently right now to do a quick personal assessment, you would be in a position to identify one or two things you can still address before the end of the month. And if you are already walking your plans satisfactorily, the proposed quick assessment will enable you give yourself a pat on the back and energize you for the next quarter.

If you live in Nigeria, I can almost bet that you have had a couple of challenges with your 2012 plans already. We all started the New Year with a “special gift” from the government in the name of “fuel subsidy removal.” Everyone is a living witness to the attendant effects of that governmental pronouncement. We all became “jobless” for about two weeks or so of the New Year! Now you can see why my mark could not be more than 55%. Indeed, I had to do some “overtime” in February to achieve that figure. Now I know that I must up my game in March to obtain 80% or more for the first quarter of the year.

For some of you, the experience of the last two months might have made immediate adjustments unavoidable. Please do not hesitate to do so NOW and continue to march forward.

May your dreams come true – and mine too!

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