The Secret Speaker

I have a friend who wishes to write almost every day. But he has a little problem. He often says that he finds it hard to find the inspiration to write. He seldom ever knows what to write about. That sounds strange to me as I personally believe there are thousands of things to write about at any time. Maybe the issue is that of how and when to write. I also think it is a matter of discipline, anyway.

An author once advised that the best way to write is to just write. Yes, just write: Sit down and begin to write about whatever comes to mind. It would get to a point where you feel as if someone is actually dictating what to write into your heart. That is the secret of writing; and that is the power of the secret speaker.

There is a secret speaker in each of us, and we all give him a chance from time to time. Think about those moments when you sit on your own and you begin to remember certain things that had happened to you in the past. You begin to ‘see’ the picture and ‘hear’ the voice of everyone involved in those past episodes of your life. It is not hallucination; it is the secret speaker within you that is at work.

The secret speaker has made many men, and marred thousands of women. He’s “hiding” somewhere in each of us saying things secretly that the person sitting next to us cannot hear him. He talks to us individually and silently too!

Someone would sit down and begin to ‘hear’ a voice saying something like, “Hey, you can do it, Jane. You can make it. Girl, give it a shot. You stand the chance to win!” Jane stands up with confidence, believing that she can achieve her goal. She then forges ahead with an inner conviction. At the end of it all, she becomes victorious. Her secret speaker has made her.

Compare John with Jane. He, unlike Jane, begins to ruminate and keeps hearing the voice of condemnation. The voice tells him, “Why did you do that? Why were you so foolish to have followed that route in your life? Now, see what you have done to yourself. Nobody likes you. You are a failure. You can’t make it. You have bungled your chances.” Our John rises up to become a sad soul. He moves about like a convicted criminal. He has allowed his secret speaker to ruin his life. He walks and talks with regrets and sadness!

Our secret speaker plays back to us whatever we have been feeding him in the past. Perhaps you did not know that most of what we say or do are reflections of our past experiences, and whatever we have “planted” inside of us. In fact, our individual secret speaker dwells so much on what we have listened to in the past, and begins to help or hurt us with them later in life. Imagine someone who grew up in a hostile environment. Those experiences remain within him for his secret speaker’s usage later in future.

You must have heard the sage say, “Surround yourself with positive people.” The sage is right. If you are in the midst of negative people, your secret speaker picks up whatever they say and will continue to use it against you from time to time. But when you hear positive things, your secret speaker repeats them to you later in your life.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of the secret speaker. He has led some people into committing crimes. A man commits murder and comes out to argue that he actually heard a voice commanding him to do it. Inasmuch as I don’t doubt the existence of evil forces and their manipulative powers, I want to strongly believe that the secret speaker plays more roles in what we do than any evil power, devil, or whatever.

Every action starts from mere thoughts. And thoughts are the voices of the secret speaker within us. He says “go” and you “go.” He says, “stop” and you “stop.” He says, “That guy doesn’t like you,” and you believe him. That’s the secret speaker.

Does it mean that the secret speaker is not controllable? Yes and No is my answer. Yes, because most of the things he says to you cannot be determined by you. No, because you can actually choose what to accept from the secret speaker. You have the power to make a choice. When he says “go” to you, the power rests with you to say, “No, I’m not going.” When he starts talking, you can also put him to task. You can begin to question him. How about asking, “Why do you think that guy doesn’t like me?” You can query him on anything he says to you. This process of questioning has been given different names by people – meditation, reflection, cogitation etc. I understand that the secret speaker can answer any question you may pose to him; if only you could be patient enough to probe him for long.

I have seen a woman who sat on her own and tears began to flow from her eyes uncontrollably. Only God knew what the secret speaker was saying to her at that moment.

I have also met a man in a park with his eyes closed and smiles enveloping his face. Who knows what he was also hearing from his secret speaker!

A pastor will describe the secret speaker as “The Holy Spirit.” Well, that’s when you hear good things. If what you hear is evil, the pastor tells you it must be “The Devil” speaking. Someone else would say to you that it’s actually your conscience that is speaking. Whatever name we give him, all I know is that a secret speaker resides in each of us, and whatever we do emanates from him. We are what we listen to; and we act what the secret speaker says to us.

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