10 Habits of Losers

It’s all about habits.

Winners have winning habits, and losers have some habits that make them lose repeatedly.

Having already written 10 Things That Winners Do, this post sounds like the opposite, and could as well read 10 Things That Losers Do.

But losers do a lot more. That’s why they remain a bundle of perpetual losers.

And in any case, losing is more of a habit – the habit of losing.

We all agree on one thing, I believe. We agree that success is sweet, but failure is bitter. For this reason, everyone aspires to be a winner.

Nobody wants to be seen as a failure.

We don’t want to lose.

But as it takes some steps to become a winner, so does it take some actions or inactions to become a failure – a loser!

Those things that losers do that make them losers are quite familiar, and so many people practice them. Little wonder why there is a multitude of losers in the world.

Pay attention and be ready to make amends if any of the 10 things listed below resemble your way of life.

1.    Losers are lazy

Losers could think big like winners, but they are so lazy that they cannot pursue their dreams. Losers give up easily and they’re not ready for any hard work. That’s why they continue to lose out.

 2.    Losers complain too much

Nothing is good in the sight of losers. Instead of identifying ways to make their life better, they keep complaining every day; harboring bitterness and sadness. That’s another habit of losers.

 3.    Losers are reckless

Losers are reckless with money. Their personal financial management is zero. That’s why they complain too much. Let them have a little change in their pockets; they will blow it away on frivolous things within minutes. That’s why they continue to lose…they’re senseless gamblers!

 4.    Losers are “too much” people

Losing connotes scarcity or lack of abundance. But losers are actually people of “too much.” They have too much of everything regressive – they drink too much, they eat too much, they sleep too much, they talk too much, they even work too much!

Yes, don’t be surprised about that bit on working too much. The issue here is that losers work too much to the detriment of their health, family, and their future. Their life is in total disarray on account of work or business.

 5.    Losers watch too much TV

If this describes you, don’t get upset. Just bear in mind that every minute you spend in front of that box could be utilized for other positive things. By watching those so called favorite TV programs, every other person involved in their production wins; but you lose!

By watching, you enrich the TV house, the producers, the actors, the advertisers etc. And what do you get? Nothing, except backache and a protruding stomach!

 6.    Losers are rude

Losers are rude. They lack manners. That’s because they vent their bottled frustrations on others at the least provocation. They blame others for their backwardness and believe that their progress is hindered by their fellow men. How wrong they are!

 7.    Losers flock with losers

Like attracts like, they say. Losers are in the habit of surrounding themselves with other losers. They hang around negative people of the same mind. That’s why their position is ever the same. Or, how can anyone expect a sheep to give birth to a puppy? Losers are always in the family of other losers.

 8.    Losers are greedy

Losers want to have everything to themselves. They don’t like sharing.

They hate to give.

Watch losers’ language to discover the words, “I”, “Me”, and “Myself”. But as much as they grab, they end up losing tenfold.

 9.    Losers are “rushians”

Don’t mind me; “rushians” is not an English word. It is actually a Nigerian parlance for people who rush into things. And I can tell you that many people rush as if the world is about ending.

Losers rush to nowhere.

Theirs is a case of blind speed into action. They rush into business; they rush into a relationship; they rush into marriage; they rush into discussions etc. By the time they discover their mistakes – their failure to plan properly – they realize that it is actually too late. They then end up with regrets.

10. Losers lack passion

You must have read somewhere else, or heard someone say, that you cannot put your best into anything if you do not have passion for it. Winners love what they do; losers do what they hate.

Yet losers keep complaining. And that’s why they keep losing out. There is no way anyone can be successful in an endeavor without the appropriate interest. “Love what you do, and you will get what you love.” That’s the advice of the wise.

Remember, nobody wants to lose. But it takes self discipline not to be one.

May you be a winner!

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  1. Again and again, you enrich me with your special brand of food for the mind. May God bless you as you take the burden in your heart to enrich lives. SHALLOM!

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