10 Things Life Has Taught Me

I have come to realize that a lot of things we write about are influenced by either our experience or mind. Something happened to me recently that I felt so worried and disappointed. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I went to one of my mentors who, as usual, did not consider my problem to be worrisome at all. I can’t blame him; he has seen both sides of the world – good and bad.

In the course of our discussion, my mentor enlightened me on 10 things that life has taught him. He advised me to keep them close to my heart and remember them always.

Here is my mentor’s sermon on the 10 nuggets, delivered in his own words:

1.  Expect disappointments

Life has taught me to expect disappointments from any angle. Have you ever done everything within your power but got disappointed at the end? Have you ever been given a promise and you relied so much on it, only to be disappointed at the end of the day? Have you ever trusted someone so much but, to your shock, s/he let you down? Have you ever been promised a job but it failed? Have you ever been promised a financial support but it hit the wall? 

Life has taught me to expect disappointments at any point in time, and from anyone, no matter how close the person is to me. Life is full of disappointments. When you strive hard for something but it doesn’t become yours, simply resolve that it wasn’t meant to be yours in the first place. Such should be your approach; not unnecessary fretting that could damage your health. 

2. What will be, will be.

Life has taught me to know that what will ever be, will surely be. Yes, it is our duty to do our best. It is our duty to put everything into what we do to get the best out of it. But it is not for us to be 100% certain of what the end result will be. Many things are not under our control no matter how hard we try. So, life has taught me to know that what will be, will surely be. If it turns out well, I would thank my star. If it goes the other direction, I would give myself a pat on the back for trying my best, and then move on. What will be, will be.  

3. Live with integrity

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4. Show Love

Life has taught me to show love. It transcends everything we do.

Yes, I can hear you argue, “I love my wife,” “I love my family,” “I love my friends,” but bear in mind that the love I’m talking about is much more than that. “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” so says the good book of wisdom. But how often do you practice that? What is your interpretation of this commandment? Are you sure of what it means? I will help you by asking some questions. How do you treat that unknown man who constantly begs you for assistance? How do you react when someone offends you? How about that woman you consider to be your enemy? How do you treat her? Would you feed your supposed enemies when they are hungry?

Has it ever occurred to you that love breeds love? Did you ever know that what you give will one day return to you? Life has taught me to love, because I will receive love in return, no matter how long it takes.

Life has taught me to help my fellow man as much as I can. Life says to me, “I am the morning and the night. At a time, I come to you in form of a bright morning sun from the East. At another time, I reach you as a sunset in the West.” He who seeks help from you today may become your greatest benefactor of tomorrow. If you ignore him and turn your face away from his request for assistance, how do you expect him to behave to you when his fortune changes for better? And who knows whether that time will be your own sunset? If you heed his request today, and help him as your power permits, he will never forget your good gesture. If he forgets you tomorrow on account of excessive arrogance of wealth and fame, his conscience will face eternal unrest.

5.  Be independent

Life has taught me to be independent. It is only the man or woman who lives an independent life that can accept full responsibility for his or her life.

Take a look at the man of an independent mind. He expresses his opinion freely. He takes actions and prepares to accept responsibility for the outcome. He does not blame others for whatever happens to him, because he does not follow the crowd like a sheep. He plans his way, and walks his talk. An independent man knows he doesn’t have any other person to blame for his failures except himself, so he puts his heart to whatever he does. He works when he should work. He rests when he should. An independent man takes decisions at the right time. He talks when he should, and keeps quiet when the need arises.

Are you willing to climb the ladder of success? Life has taught me that it’s better to take the steps alone. The base of the ladder is crowded with people doing the same thing. And a crowd seldom gets to the last rung of the ladder. The luckiest few among them get to the middle but fall suddenly like a pack of standing cards.

6. Life is short

Life has indeed taught me a lot of things about itself. It has taught me that its existence is for a while. Why then should I be so selfish about life? Why should I hold it as if it will never end? Why should I treat life as if it belongs to me alone?

Look at that little child of yesterday. How is he today? He’s now a man. “How time flies!” you wonder. Watch him for a few years more; you will see those dark and shining hairs on his head turning white. You will see those white and bright teeth become brownish and falling off gradually. And like a bubble in the air, he soon goes away from the surface of the earth. Everything about him then turns from “is” to “was.” He has lived his life, and he has gone forever. One thing lives after him though – his honour succeeds him. He will be remembered for what he was; the good work he did; and the benevolence he rendered. These will continue to work for his children and his children’s children.  Life is short, live it well.

7. Forgive and Forget

How often do you forgive? Or, let’s put it like this: How often do people offend you? How frequently do you get upset, and how do you take it? Does a grouse sleep and wake up with you every day? For how long do you review it in your mind? How do you feel inside? Good? Nothing can be more hurtful! 

Life has taught me to forgive and forget. Yes, some claim to forgive but never forget. I am yet to identify the difference. If you forgive and cannot forget, then you have not forgiven. That is the truth. You say to me, “But I don’t count it against her anymore?” I then answer you, “Yes, I can see that. How come you still feel bad each time you see her?” Aha, that is difficult for you to answer! The truth is that you feel so bad inasmuch as the issue remains in your mind unforgotten. A man who feels bad cannot achieve much. He continues to carry an injury in his heart. He feels pained like an injured man. 

8. Listen

Life has taught me to listen, and listen attentively. Many are men who have lost good opportunities due to hastiness in talking. They speak and react a little too early. They pre-empt and presume. They talk before the talker, and by so doing they miss good chances of earning respect. They over-speak and keep the other party quiet. Little wonder why the sage advises, “speak less and listen more, it is a virtue of the wise.” 

If you don’t hear other people out, how can you listen to your heart? Or, you don’t believe that your heart speaks to you all the time? I bet it does, but you don’t listen enough. When last did you have a quiet time? What do you do when you are alone? Did I hear you say, “Well, I listen to music when alone?” Do you call that noise music? Your mind begs for calm, yet you load it with clatters. And you call it music? If you must listen to music why don’t you look for those that are soothing to your brain; the kind of music that will calm your nerves and make you think better? 

Your heart needs you. It wants to guide you and talk to you passionately. But you cannot hear your heart unless you treat its sister well. Your heart’s sister is the mind. If the mind is not calm, the heart cannot be settled. It will refuse to talk. Life has taught me to listen to my heart, because it has never failed me. 

9. Be disciplined

Life has taught me to be disciplined. It takes discipline for one to achieve any goal in life. Look at that man of the moment; that wealthy man that is well known for his wide array of businesses. Take a look at that great author well acclaimed for his writings all over the world. Peep into the life of that multiple award winning musician. Can you see a common pattern among them all? They are disciplined. It takes self discipline to watch your business interest; it takes discipline to commit several hours to writing; and it takes discipline to rehearse for award winning songs. It takes discipline to do anything well in life. 

Discipline goes with sacrifice. A man that cannot sacrifice should not expect to receive. He must sacrifice his sleeping time for great research works at night. He sacrifices his inclination for liquor and merriment for commitment to assignments. He sacrifices his youthful gallivanting tendencies for hard labour. At the end of it all, he sits back to enjoy the sweet fruits of his sacrifice. 

10. Life’s Turmoil

Did anyone ever tell you that your journey in life will be smooth all the time? Has it ever occurred to you that life is full of chaos? Life has taught me that good things rarely come easy. Life expects you to be tough; for it is only a tough man that can weather the storm of life. But know this: Life’s turmoil does not last forever. However heavy a rain is, it must stop at a point. Even the greatest flood of old receded at a stage, and Noah survived it. How much more your life’s turmoil? Can you remember that strong man, Job? He weathered the storm. 

Stand straight as you pass through the period of your life’s turmoil. Be still. Remain focused. Bear in mind that the more the pain, the greater the gain may be for you. Be courageous and expectant. Your life’s turmoil will have an end. 

I wish you success!

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