10 Ways to Be Different

Personal development teachers often say that one of the attributes of successful people is their determination to be different in many ways. They do things differently and refuse to follow the crowd in most cases.

From personal experience and observation of successful people, I am confident to endorse this assertion.

You and I can be different in many ways. It’s a matter of observing what others do that draw them back and then opting for the opposite. Here are 10 examples you may consider adopting:

1.    Believe

Many unsuccessful people do not believe in themselves. They fail to recognize the enormous power they have. Instead, they believe in others and end up being disappointed.  

Believing in your ability to achieve great things is one of the prerequisites for success. So, determine to be different by believing in yourself and the power within you to achieve great things.  

2.    Accept

Be different by accepting. Most people do not accept what comes their way. Rather, they fight and resist to a point of stupor. Hold on, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you should fold your hands and just swallow anything that is dumped on you.  

No. My point is that you should put your best into an endeavor and hope for the best. Should your attempt fail, simply accept and move on. You should recognize that you are not a failure; it is only your attempt that could fail. With this in mind, you will continue to have the energy to try again and avoid depression. 

3.    Plan & Act

Most of us are good planners. In fact, every single human being plans one way or the other, and most of these plans take place only in the mind. Before you take a step, a kind of plan has taken place in your mind. Oh yes, you want to start a business; that has been processed in your mind. You want to write your first novel; a plan has been done mentally. 

Those are the sorts of plans majority of people make. They plan but fail to execute. Be different. Think about your desires, write them down, and execute.  

Many fail to execute their plans. Determine to be different. Take the first step, and you will have every chance of taking the last step. Execution is key. 

4.    Laugh and make others laugh

Agreed, we all have issues that bother us day and night. But that is not an excuse for grumpiness. The truth is that your petulance will not change anything. Instead, it would detach you from people and paint a bad picture of you.  

Laugh for the sake of your health, and make others laugh for the sake of forgetting their own sorrows. Be different. Be known as someone who spreads happiness. And happiness will flow your way.  

5.    Rise Early

Too much sleep is not only dangerous to your health; it is also dangerous to your wealth. If everyone in your household wakes up at 6.00 or 7.00 every morning, determine to be different by getting up at 5.00AM. With that, you are already ahead of everyone in executing your plans for the day. You should spend the first one hour of your day doing what is contained in this video. 

6.    Read and Write

Many don’t read any more. And that’s why the world is not appearing as intelligent as it used to be. Majority of people are also lazy when it comes to writing. Yet, what you write down sticks into the mind, and chances of executing whatever you put down is much higher than what you keep in your mind. If physical exercise keeps the body fit, reading and writing definitely builds the mind. Be different from the crowd. Read and write; however difficult it may be for you. 

7.    Exercise

You must be expecting this after reading the 6th point above. Don’t be deceived by what you see of people when they are in suit or gown. Many of them are not physically fit. Give them a little task to test the state of their heart, arms, or legs; you will be disappointed. Don’t be like them. Keep fit. It is your certificate of good health. And good health is one of the keys for success. 

8.    Speak less

There is noise everywhere. That’s because this world is full of speakers/talkers and only few are prepared to listen. Each person has something to say whether it makes sense or not. In the process, many have talked themselves into trouble. Our world craves for people who can speak less and act more. Be the one. Be different. Speak less. Think more. And you will act more intelligently than others. 

9.    Keep something aside

Whatever your situation may be, try to keep something aside for the raining days. This becomes more essential these days that “rains” tend to be falling anyhow. However small, keep something aside. It takes an employer only three words – “You are fired” – to invoke an unwanted rain on a worker. Don’t get swept away by the flood like other people. Be different. Save!   

10. Shun credit cards

If there is anything that makes a hard worker look like a lazy man, if there is anything that makes an intelligent man appear unintelligent financially, if there is anything that takes away a man’s freedom; it is credit card!  

Living on credit cards can be likened to buying alcohol on credit. One gets intoxicated twice. You get drunk at the time of drinking the liquor and later when the creditor asks for his money. 

Sadly, majority of people have become so drunk with credit cards and this is ruining them financially. Be different. Cut all your credit cards into pieces today. Burn them off if they’re too tick for a scissors.  

Buy with cash. And buy when the cash is in your pocket. You will be happier than others by being different about credit cards. 

Wishing you success as always!

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