3 Things You Must Do Daily to Make Your Life Better

Each day brings its own challenges and I’m yet to see someone who is not busy on any day. The only difference is that we’re all busy doing different things.

You may want to quickly reason that many people are idle either by design or circumstances beyond their control. For instance, you could argue that a jobless man cannot be busy since he probably stays indoor everyday “doing nothing.”

<span”>You will be wrong. Everyone is busy.

Someone who sleeps throughout the day is actually busy; busy sleeping soundly.

A man or woman that doesn’t mind his/her business in the workplace is also busy; busy gossiping.

A person that spends hours in front of the TV watching the Olympic Games is busy hailing his or her stars; the athletes that will never share any of their medals with anybody.

Many of us are truly busy, but we’re busy doing the wrong things. We engage in so many activities that add little or nothing to our advancement, and when the day comes to an end we collapse on the couch and exclaim, “Oh! What a busy day it has been for me today.”

It is actually difficult to keep pace with the modern system of living as everything appears to be moving at a jet pace. We all seem to be in a hurry going nowhere; and many of our actions don’t lead to cogent results.

TV, videos, video games, audios, social media, unsolicited mails, endless meetings, needless chats, wasteful discussions, and many others contest for our time daily. Before you realize it, a whole 24 –hour is gone. Wasted!

In the midst of all the confusion, you and I can still form the habit of doing three important things on a daily basis. This will enable us take control of our life and remain on the right track to success.

Does this suggest that we should be limited to only three things per day?

No. We can actually come up with a long list of “Things to do today.” But how many of us manage to achieve up to 50% of what we plan for the day? There are distractions everywhere.

Since we each run the risk of failing to honor our daily “To Do List,” why don’t we try to keep it short and simple. I think three is simple enough and should be easy to respect.

Drawing up “the best 3 things” to do every day can be quite difficult in the face of many activities begging for our attention, but failure to do it could leave our life in shambles. And by settling for your three daily rituals, you’re not in any way abandoning every other thing. Not at all. The gist is that you must embark on those three actions every day; come rain, come shine.  

Here are my three picks for you:

1. Learn a new thing every day.

Interestingly, our crowded modern world also presents us with an opportunity to quickly learn new things more than ever before. Right from the comfort of our rooms, we can learn about people and places; certain professions; how things work; new inventions; the earth; the moon; heaven; or hell. That is the power of the internet at its best. 

Sadly, majority of people go about daily without any new intelligence entering their brains.

One thing is certain; new knowledge gained takes you to the next level.  It registers in your subconscious mind and you can never tell when it would become useful to you in the future. That’s why someone would come across a new stuff and exclaim, “Oh, I read about this before!” 

That’s how to know a man that is constantly learning.

When you learn a new thing per day, you end the year with about 365 new knowledge! In 10 years, your mind would have accumulated 3,650 new discoveries. Why, then, would you not be ahead of others?

You can learn new things from various sources. It could be from the internet, books, experts, bosses, subordinates, friends etc.

Make it a habit to end each day with knowledge you didn’t have the previous day.

2. Do one thing that moves you towards your goal

We all have different goals. Yours may be to write a new book or release an album.  Mine may be to have a million dollar by 31st December. At every point of our life, we each aim at something. We have our dreams and desires.

No doubt, many dreams go unfulfilled because of our failure to pursue them wholeheartedly. We fail to do so because we don’t take necessary steps towards their achievement. If you and I were to take at least one step a day in pursuit of our dreams, only few aspirations will go unfulfilled.

So the second thing you must do every day is to take at least one step that moves you towards your ambition.

If you’re a student and your aim is to pass your exams in flying color; study daily.

You want to publish a book? Write daily.

You want to release a record? Rehearse daily.

Want to be your country’s Usain Bolt at the next Olympic Games? Train every day.

3. Reflect on your life daily

Somehow, this idea of having a daily reflection keeps coming up every time on this Web Log. That’s to underscore its importance to us all.

When you look around to see the number of people who have had wasted lives, most especially their youthful stage, you will quickly understand how crucial it is for you to carry out a daily assessment of your life.

Each morning or night, think about what you want to achieve in life. Reflect on the things currently happening to you and around you. Think about the steps you must take to correct any mistake you’re currently making, and give yourself a pat in the back for any success you’ve recorded so far.

Without a daily reflection of this nature, it would be difficult to follow through with our plans; and we could easily get lost in the midst of all the commotions around us.

Is it easy to maintain this pattern?


We can make these three things a daily habit. And habits are formed after 21 days of continuous repetitions; which means that the first 21 days is all you’ve got to worry about. After that, it becomes an automatic thing for you to do.

If you can sleep daily, take a bath daily, eat daily, and talk daily; then you can learn a new thing daily, work towards your life goal daily, and reflect on your life daily.

To your success!

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