5 Ways Your Phone is Destroying You (This blog includes a FREE VIDEO)

These days, our mobile phones are not just for making calls. We use them to enhance our productivity, connect to the world, and keep records of our memorable moments.

My earlier blog, “Daddy, Mummy, When the World Changed, Where Were You?” gives a description of how technology is reshaping our lives. Without doubt, mobile phones play important roles in this respect.

But the same mobile phones are destroying people’s lives without their knowledge. Never mind the fact that this blog speaks about “you.” We are all guilty, so don’t take it too personal or get mad at me in anyway.

To affirm what I’ve said above, pause for a while to watch this interesting video.

Does any of the scenes in that video resemble you in anyway? Are you engaged in any of the activities shown in the video? If you are not sure, pause again to watch the video here once more.

Now, let’s put the video aside and take a quick look at five of the ways that our mobile phones are actually destroying us.  You can call it a quick analysis of the video you just watched.

1.    You’re Detached

The social media applications such as WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Skype and others on your phone keep you engaged most of the time. It’s so bad that you cannot live in the moment any longer. You’re so busy chatting and giggling with friends that you can’t even observe whatever is going on around you.  

If it’s not social media, it must be all those songs you have loaded in the media card of your phone. The earpiece is permanently glued to your ears that you can’t hear whatever someone is saying to you. What a life destroyer your phone has become!

 2.    Your phone wastes your time

Take a moment to count the number of hours you spend on your phone doing meaningless things. Now, reflect on other things you could achieve by spending those hours on more meaningful things. How else could one waste his or her life away than this?

Too bad! 

There is even one annoying thing that many of us do that is not only a bloody waste of quality time but also an irritation of the first order. I’m talking about all those useless pictures we waste our time taking and posting on Facebook. 

You’re about to eat rice and fish so you quickly reach for your phone. Chrrrraaa, your phone camera snaps and you quickly post the picture on Facebook with the caption, “About to have a great lunch of rice and fish.” Give us a break, who cares about your food?

 3.    Your relationship is weakened

You constantly check your spouse’s phone for Facebook update, BB chats, WhatsApp discussion etc – all in a bid to know what he or she is doing with your perceived rivals.  

You see a statement or picture that appears suggestive on the phone and you immediately become a lawyer, “Kate, who is this guy?” or “David, what’s going on between you and this girl?” Your spouse calmly explains to you but you’re not convinced. From being a lawyer, you become a spy; constantly watching your girl’s (or guy’s) movements. 

Your relationship becomes weakened courtesy of the mobile phones. And should a battle eventually ensue between you and your partner, the same social media networks become the battleground, and your phones are the weapons! 

What a shame! 

4.    Your boss rules your world

Each time the LED light of your phone blinks, you quickly jump up because it could be your boss who wants to have a chat with you. It doesn’t matter if it is 11.30PM or 12.30AM; you must be at alert and make yourself available.

You even have a special alert set for your official mailbox. When you hear that tone, it must be a mail from your office; and that could be a very urgent mail from your boss. So, constantly, morning, afternoon, and night, you must be ready to respond to your boss’s email. 

Hmm, you have become a highly restless and fearful person. Let’s pray you don’t eventually develop hypertension – all induced by your phone. 

5.    You become a robot

Can you also see the way your phone has reconfigured you into a robot? Every step you take now is so robotic. Your phone alarm wakes you up at 4.30AM everyday; your meetings are programmed into your phone calendar; your phone reminds you of friends’ birthdays etc. You can hardly do anything on your own without being prompted by your phone. 

Who says human beings cannot live like machines. Your phone has suddenly taken away your life, and you’re not any better than an ordinary robot. You become totally useless if your phone should disappear from your hands for just an hour.  

Perhaps it’s high time we started reconsidering the common saying that humans are made to rule over every other thing on earth. It would appear that we have now subjected ourselves to the rule of mobile phones. 

God help our souls.


  1. This is so true. Some even press the phone while trying to cross the road. It is not only the phone that is destroying us, the TV too so much that we now have a mobile TV. May God help us all