All You Need to Know About the New Foreign Exchange Policy in Nigeria

When I wrote Daddy, Mummy, When the World Changed, Where Were You?” in January 2012, someone said to me, “Oga, wetin concern me about internet?” A few weeks later, he walked up to me and said, “You’re right oooo.” That was because he was vying for a contract that had a heavy dependence on technology. He then realized what I was talking about.

A similar thing is happening now. I’ve heard a number of comments made by people regarding the new foreign exchange regime in Nigeria. Many of them seem unconcerned and would not bother to know what the policy is all about. This is sheer ignorance!

Don’t be one of them.

You need to know.

And I have a suggestion for you.

A certain website, is doing a great job on the issue. They have loads of information and analysis to help you understand what’s going on now, and how it will affect you, your business, or your employer. Honestly, those guys have my commendation. They’re great.

By the way, is much more than foreign exchange policy, though that’s the reigning topic on that website at the moment. They also have lots of information on investing, personal finance, entrepreneurship etc.

I’m very much aware that this is the sort of post one writes and someone would be wondering how much fee (or egunje/bribe) has entered into one’s pocket to become a mouthpiece. See my two hands up as white as snow. Them no pay me kobo! Koda, them no send me message. I don’t even know them!

But I see quality in their work.

Please see things for yourself here.

Enjoy the day today…I will.