Being the person you claim you are


It’s quite common to hear people say something and then proceed to do the direct opposite of what they say.

Call it double-speak if you like, but the right word is dishonesty.

If you’re in a dialogue with someone and you make a remark, “Oh, Fred, you’re such a politician,” he may not be happy with you.

That’s because most politicians are liars.

They rarely keep their words.

But dishonesty is not restricted to politicians alone. It’s like a second nature to so many other people.

Imagine how great life would be if we all abide by what we say.

Imagine how beautiful the day would be if we all fulfil our promises.

I like the way Seth Godin captures it in his recent four-liner post titled, “All we have to do is be the person we say we are.” He says, “No need to shop for a better you, or to work overtime to make bigger promises. Keeping the promises we’ve already made is sufficient.”

Seth has said it all.

If you say you’re a good person, then go ahead to do good things consistently.

If you say you’re generous, then be generous daily.

If you claim to be a punctual person, then don’t be late for appointments.

Responsible? Don’t abdicate your responsibility.

You’re not a thief? Then don’t steal people’s money.

Oh yes, lest I forget; you’re very religious? Let’s see it in action.

So simple.

That’s honesty.

That’s how to be the person you claim you are.

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