But for You…

I look around me to see a very wide world. I lift up my head and see a massive sky. I cannot stop thinking. I ponder and wonder how this great work came into being. I reflect on this masterpiece of work called earth – all created by a single Being; unassisted by anyone!

How great and wonderful is our God. He created all things. And He created them beautifully well. Stay by the ocean, or go to the desert. Proceed to the Arctic or journey to the wilderness; all you see are miracles – miracles upon miracles. From the beautiful landscapes to the wonderful mountains; from the expansive seas to the tick forests; our God created them all. And He created them well.

Though we can see His works and perceive his presence; though we can hear His voice and feel His breath; yet He remains invisible. Who else can be this miraculous? He’s the All-in-All. I am that I am. He does as He pleases; yet He does well. He gives and He takes; yet He deprives not. Easy to please; difficult to offend. He cuddles; yet He rebukes. He’s peaceful; yet He wins wars. He’s approachable; yet He’s fearsome. He’s the Lord of Hosts; hard to decode.

But for you, oh Lord, where would I be today? But for your protection, I would have died unceremoniously. When I am asleep, you keep me safe. When I’m on the move, you command your angels to stand beside me. When the enemy attacks with his arrows, you break them into pieces. When they plan evil against me, you reject their consent. Who else can protect a weak person like me but you, oh Lord? They place food before me when I’m hungry. In my innocence, I devour it; not knowing that it’s   poisoned. Yet I suffer no harm, because your covenant with me remains unbroken. How marvelous you are, my great Protector! You anoint me with your son’s blood. You mark my spouse’s head with the same blood, and you soak my children in the pool of your only son’s blood, so that no harm shall touch anyone of us. How great you are, our dear Lord.

I am a sinner, yet you show mercy unto me. I sleep and awake in sin, yet you show love. I eat and drink in sin, yet you show compassion. How merciful are you Lord! Were you to call me to account for my sins, were you to recompense me according to my iniquities, were you to count all my wrong steps, Oh Lord, I would be no more; because they are uncountable. Yet, you show understanding everyday and every minute of my existence. You do this because you know me. You know me more than I know myself. You know I am human; and I am born into sins by sinners, in a sinful world. One thing I ask of you Lord. When you see me going astray again, please ask my guiding angel who is always beside me to caution me. And prick my ears to listen to your angel that I may not fall again. For it is not my will to sin, but the wish of my flesh to commit.

Though I’m a sinner, dear God, you still bless me. You bless my work, you bless my life. You bless my home, you bless my ways. What a kind God you are, Father! You do not let me lack, and you do not give me rags. You clothe me, you feed me. You give me before I even ask. What a benevolent father I have in you, Lord. When the enemies close my doors, you open new ones. When they wait for my fall you lift me up. When they conspire against me, you prosper me. Who else can do this but you, Lord?

Let any soul that knows Him call Him great. Let any flesh that is alive praise Him to High Heavens. Let a man born of a woman shout His praise. For my Lord is great. He was with those before me in yester years, He is with me today, and He will continue to be with those to come after me. He remains the same forever and ever. His name is Mighty. His praise is Worthy. His work is Miraculous.

Let me know you more, my Lord. Let me keep your commandments. And let me remain in your good books forever. But for you, I would not have been. You remain on my side, every time of my life. Your love is true. Your promise never fails. You are my God. You are my Savior. You are my King.

I bow before you, Lord. I sing your praise. I recognize you for who you are: You are the only King – the only King of kings. Blessed be your Holy Name. Amen. And Amen!

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