Cannibalistically Speaking in Big Grammar

Cannibalism takes place when an animal eats the flesh of other animals of the same species. For example, human beings that consume fellow human beings are cannibals. Metaphorically speaking, therefore, it can be assertively orated that many of us in this well endowed country qualify for the nomenclatural description of cannibals; because we devour the flesh of fellow Nigerians with relish – metaphorically, that is. 

How else can one enunciate the barbaric attitudes of government officials who egoistically and sacrificially neglect the paroxysm and pains of their people; people who willingly and stoically gave them their votes in the first place? What scholastic cognitive analysis and pedagogic dissection can we give to politicians whose preoccupation is the consumption and amassment of abundant wealth belonging to the mammoth citizenry? Day in, day out, innocent and apparently helpless citizens kick the bucket in various hospitals due to plethora of neglects on the part of those saddled with the responsibilities of making drugs, facilities, and attention available in those hospitals. It is a form of cannibalism!

It is cannibalistic of public officials to watch our roads deteriorate on a daily basis without doing anything about them. Every day, people advance to the great beyond prematurely on account of road accidents of monumental fatality. The roads are not good, so the vehicles go bad. The vehicles go bad, so there are accidents. There are accidents, so people die untimely. Sheer cannibalism!

Those who fail woefully to wholeheartedly ensure that there is constant and uninterrupted supply of electricity are practicing cannibalism of unexplainable proportion. Industries die for lack of power; it is cannibalism. People are exposed to dare-devil armed robbers’ attacks because of darkness; it is cannibalism. No fans to blow away the mosquitoes at night because there is no electricity; it is cannibalism. Poor man cannot afford a generator because he is unemployed; it is cannibalism. Another man has a generator but cannot afford the fuel for it; it is cannibalism. A young man wakes up in the morning but cannot go out because of the high bus fare; it is cannibalism. Fuel subsidy is going…going….going….gone (?!); it is cannibalism.

The ordinary Nigerian also cannibalizes his fellow countryman. He extorts money from his brothers and sisters under innumerable clandestine disguises. An item shouldn’t cost more than N500 but he asks you to pay N2,000, and after some competitive haggling you finally settle for N1,000. He makes double off you; it is cannibalism.

The Buka woman buys a goat for N10,000 and makes N150,000 from it by charging her canteen customers to the marrow; it is cannibalism. The bus driver quadruples the fare just because it rains in Lagos; it is cannibalism. The GSM provider charges you for a phone service that works epileptically; it is cannibalism. You lose your money to a bank’s kalokalo ATM machine and no refund is given; it is cannibalism. You report a case to the police officers who end up extorting money from you; it is cannibalism. You demand for a better service from a Customer Service officer but she insults you instead; it is cannibalism. What manner of cannibalistic inhumanity coexistence is this? Flesh eating fellow flesh. Too bad!

Religion has also surreptitiously become a cannibalism asparagus. As a pastor, you cannibalize your followers when you add to their sorrow through tricks and deception. You announce what you did not hear from God to them, and you scare them to submission because of your extortionary predilection. Haba! You no dey fear? If you were God, you would not give rain until everyone goes on their knees, and you would not give air until everyone worships you. You take bread from those who don’t have enough; and give attention to those who feed your purse. You cannibalize your congregation by deception and adherent doctrinal coercion. And once people are in your place, you become their god – a place you pompously and conceitedly call their place of abode. You become everything: you transform to the seer, metamorphose to a medical doctor, and transmute to a magician. Hmmm, what an unmitigated cannibalistic aggrandizement on your part!

Let me go jare. It’s enough for today. I think I have managed to cannibalistically encapsulate some of the societal dismemberment. I eject from here!

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  1. This is cannibalistically piece that expose the evil in our society and needs a cannibalistically revolution rather than cowardly on looker.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful thought provoking issues.

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