That’s what life is all about. Each of us is here to contribute. When this is completed, we leave.

That’s why it’s of no use fuming about someone not appreciating what you have done for him/her. It’s not necessary. You are also a beneficiary of someone else’s contributions.

That’s why you must always remember tomorrow by doing something of value today for someone else to enjoy tomorrow.

That’s what makes it a life.

That’s why a good parent doesn’t consider his personal benefit before investing in his children.

That’s why those who build a road may not necessarily be the ones to use it.

That’s why the people who invented the airplane are not around today to fly in their private jets.

That’s why the man who invented a car is not driving a Lamborghini around today.

That’s why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

That’s why you shouldn’t fret about a girl who betrayed you or the guy who ditched you.

That’s why you shouldn’t lose sleep over a favour that is not returned.

We are here to contribute…individually.

Do yours.

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