Death as part of life

Nobody likes to talk about death. But not when you’re in the business of life insurance. As hard as you may try to colour the topic to make it more appealing, like saying that someone will “pass away” as against someone will “die,” you will still be talking about death.

In Nigeria, the oddest time to bring up the topic of death is in December when people are earnestly praying to see the New Year. This is a period that people suddenly become born again and attend church more than before. If you dare mention death near them, they will almost give you a slap.

Yet, these same people engage in reckless activities that lead to death, most especially when the year is running to an end. Rather than be truthful to themselves, they wrongly label December as a dangerous month when calamities befall people. No other self-deception can be greater than this.

In December, people go on shopping spree and travel to the villages to celebrate Christmas. So the roads are busy more than usual. And the number of accidents also increase. That’s not the main reason for the avoidable accidents, though. Most of those mishaps are caused by reckless drivers who behave as if they’re carrying a curse that says they must just die before the end of the year. They drink and drive. They speed like mad.

If we leave out those deaths that are due to accidents of whatever form, we must still come to the reality that death will visit us one day, in one form or the other, so it’s of no use denying what is destined to happen. Except you were not born at one time in the past, you will surely die sometime in the future. Death, therefore, is part of life. Your mission in the world is incomplete without death fulfilling its purpose. And it’s purpose is to take us away one after the other.

As we say in my insurance profession, “life insurance is not so much about someone dying, but much more about someone (dependants) continuing to live after our departure.” Rather than labeling death as a bad thing to happen, therefore, it is better to regard it as the end of a mission; a mission to the world as we currently know it. Before it becomes our turn to depart, our focus should be properly directed at keeping the loved ones to be left behind financially secure.

The season of Yule is now approaching. Think about your loved ones. Act responsibly. Do everything in moderation. And think insurance too. You need it.

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