Do Not Disturb

You will definitely recognize the signage if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel room before. It is a small notice usually kept on the doorknobs of hotel rooms.

You will find it at the back of the door, but you are required to hang it on the front knob whenever you don’t want anyone to disturb you in the room.

Some hotels have even gone so sophisticated that they don’t hang anything on the door any longer. All you need do as a guest is to press a specific button and an electronic message will display at your room entrance to ward off “intruders.”

Whether in manual or electronic form, hotel guests make use of “Do Not Disturb” sign for different reasons.

You may want to sleep off, watch a favorite TV show, or do some reading or writing in your room.

It is also possible that you’re not actually alone in that room. You may be “busy doing something” with a “special guest” of yours and you wouldn’t want any disturbance while “on duty.”

Well, that’s not to say that the “Do Not Disturb” sign is a foolproof for interruptions.

The hotel laundry guys may still reach you through the intercom to confirm if you would like your shirts folded.

The “Technician” too may want to find out if you’re okay with the internet connection in your room.

But at least you won’t receive knocks at your door because everyone would respect the powerful warning you’ve placed out there.

As we shut the hotel room door for privacy, so we can also hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door of our heart for some inner reflections. And we should do this regularly.

There is so much noise around us, but we may not realize their negative effects on both our physiological and spiritual being until things get out of hand.

Every day, we face various challenges of life; running up and down to get our daily bread. Our eyes and ears absorb so many negative messages and visions that could weaken the soul. We run from South to North to meet various challenges of life.

If we allow all these to continue unabated, we could sadly wake up one morning to realize that our life is not moving in the direction we so desire.

One way to take control our life; one way to talk to our inner being; one way to get celestial wisdom is to place a “Do Not Disturb” sign at the doorknob of our heart and shut ourselves in for an inner dialogue.

You must have heard of meditation before. Oh yes, I know the image the word conjures in your mind. You can quickly see the picture of a monk with closed eyes and crossed legs in a funny-looking room.

Your imagination is not wrong, but I’m not asking you to become a monk; neither do I want to turn you to a meditation guru.

What I’m asking you to do is very simple and it can have significant effects on your life.

At the end of each day before going to sleep, take some time out to reflect on your life. Examine how well you are living your life and ask yourself if you’re on the right track to your future aspirations.

You can also repeat the process early in the morning before you begin the day’s “rat race.”

Each time you do your reflections, never forget to ask yourself why you’re engaged with what you’re currently doing with your life. Ask your inner heart what “s/he” thinks you should be focusing attention on. Ask for inner guidance. Talk to the Secret Speaker within you for guidance on your plan, project, or relationship.

At the end of this simple exercise, you’re bound to come out of your “inner room” happier. Your heart would give you any assurance you may need; warn you against certain steps; or advise you to make some changes. In other words, a solution will surely stare you in the face.

Can you see that I’ve not talked about meditation; or have I?

Of course I have not asked you to “breathe in…breathe out.” I’ve not done so because I have a limited knowledge of how it is done.

All I am advocating is a form of personal space that we should all create on a daily basis for deep reflections. Call it silent prayers, call it reflections, or call it meditation; you’re likely to come up with similar outcomes.

I have searched and found a comprehensive list that I think covers almost every type of benefits you can get as a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist…or Atheist. It has nothing to do with your religious affiliation.

The list is compiled by Frederik P and he calls it 100 Benefits of Meditation.

There we go again mentioning the word “meditation.” You probably hate that word. Don’t worry; you can substitute it with your preferred title and it won’t affect the hundred benefits listed by Frederik.

When you get to the bottom of this list, take some time off, place “Do Not Disturb” at your heart’s door, and have a deep conversation with your heart.

Make it a daily practice.

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2 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb”

  1. Quite interesting sir. Can u imagine, recently, I conducted a research along this line, asking people question about why they’re doing what they do-say, a particular job, career or profession. Guess what? Majority replied dt they work in order ‘to make ends meet!?’ What a calamity. What a misguided purpose for living! What a purposeless living! Worse still, such people may not even have time to read such educative and inspiring piece as this. Regardless anyway, pls keep d good work up sir. A worthwhile LEGACY this ur work will turn out to be IJN. Stay blessed sir.

    1. Hey Bayo! You’re spot on. It’s quite amazing how some people, most especially our youths, live a sort of “directionless” life. I think we owe them the duty of pointing the way and that’s one of the objectives of MegaInsights.

      Sadly, many of the guys and gals we are talking about have a very bad reading habit. They would rather waste their time and life diligently following what is today referred to as trends, instead of focusing on things that could add value to their lives. They get carried away with the ever repetitive new-world gossips that now occupy our airwaves, newspapers/magazines and, of course, the social media.

      Ask a guy/gal about a certain celebrity, s/he will tell you everything including what such celebrity had for dinner last night. But try to bring up a conceptual or intellectual issue, s/he will immediately break into pieces.

      Quite a shame!

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