Feedback…as promised.

Jim Rohn was right in saying that “For every promise, there is a price to pay.” In my blog post of yesterday, “How You Can Steal Millions of Money from Your Bank and It Will Never Be Detected,” I did promise that I would give you a feedback on the number of people who read this article within 24 hours of publishing it. This is in fulfillment of that promise.

As at the time of writing, which is about 24 hours after the article was published, 262 people have read it. A few have also made comments on the article and I really appreciate everything they’ve said. You may want to take a quick look at their comments here.

Though I can easily confirm the number of readers, it is quite impossible for me to know the exact reasons that influenced them to read. That’s one thing about “The Heart of Man…” Whatever the reason may be, I thank everyone for taking a look.

Today, I will not be posting any new article on the site. But I hope to be able to do some writing later tonight and drop something here tomorrow (Haha, now I’ve already given you a hint on how and when I write).

Please enjoy the rest of the evening… because I will.


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  1. 264, within 24 hours, money must be very powerful and important to mankind. Keep blogging, we are waiting to read

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