Happiness Challenge

This post is very short and straightforward. I am throwing a challenge at you and very much hope you will give it a try. It is a happiness challenge.

Is there a man craving for money? He actually wants happiness. Is there a lady in search of love? She actually hopes that a loving relationship will make her a happy person. We all want to be happy so we are always looking for one thing or the other that would bring happiness our way.

I have written a number of posts on this subject of happiness in the past because of its importance. All you need do is to search for the word “happiness” on this blog page to discover how many times it has come up in my previous blogs.

Whatever we may say about happiness, whatever we may write about it, the fact remains that happiness comes from within. You and I have to take the decision to be happy right from within. Happiness is not something that can be derived from the external. It has to come from within my heart or your heart.

Many people actually get it wrong. They erroneously believe that when they get certain things they will become happy. No, it doesn’t happen that way. You may possess all the beautiful cars and houses in the whole world, you may have all the money in the entire continent, if happiness does not come from within you, none of those external things – those possessions – will ever make you happy.

The question, then, is how can we be happy from within?

That’s where your inner person comes into play. You have to make the decision, and you need to make happiness a part of you. It has to become a habit of yours.

Ever wondered why some guys are always happy? Yes, you don’t ever know whether they are broke, hungry, angry, or worried because they are always happy. There is no secret to it. They have simply mastered the art of happiness. They have made the decision to be happy and they continuously put it into practice irrespective of what may be going on in their surroundings.

You too can be like them. You can cultivate the art of happiness.

Christmas is around the corner. That is one spectacular period that almost everyone is happy. It is a period of joy. But what happens to many people the moment they enter into the New Year? Well, they return to their old self. They go back to their world of worries and sadness.

A friend often argues that people overspend during the Christmas and New Year Celebrations so when the festivities are over, they become so broke and sad. That may be true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story: You can be broke and still be happy if you choose to.

OK. If you agree that happiness is a habit that can be cultivated, you will surely want to know how to go about it. The formula is simple, and it has a money back guarantee from me: Start the practice from NOW.

We have less than 40 days into the New Year 2013. I want you to challenge yourself to be a happy person on each of the remaining 37 days of this year. Whenever a thought of sadness is about to cross your mind, crush it by remembering this post. Say to yourself: “I choose to be happy.” Decide to be happy and do not allow anything to disturb your mind for the remainder of this year.

Take up this challenge and let’s compare note at the end of the year. I am 100% sure that you will forever remain a happy man/woman after this simple challenge.

Why am I so sure?

Again, I have said times without number that habits are formed in 21 days. Believe it or not, it is a fact! You may not understand this until you personally experience it. I have, and I can boldly attest to its efficacy. When you do something continuously for 21 days, it becomes a part of you. That’s the truth, and you too can confirm it on your own. But make sure that the habit you intend to form is a good one.

So, if we have 37 days left this year and habits are formed in 21 days, you can see that you actually have some “16 bonus days” for your happiness challenge. You don’t have to wait until we are 21 days to the end of the year before you begin the exercise. Start from now!

My prayer is that Year 2013 will be a very happy one for you. But you need to play your part by taking up this challenge. It will be a very good way to step into the New Year.

I wish you joy.

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  1. thank you , sir. this i learnt about 10 years ago. it work and i am a good person for it.

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