He’s 52; she’s 27…And so what?

Kike is such a beautiful lady: Smooth skin, long legs, bright eyes, dark eyebrows, shining white teeth, evenly curved lips, spotless face, and well configured frontal endowment. She’s the darling of every young man.

And she’s the only child of her parents’.

With her bad experiences with young guys in the past, she had decided to let it be with relationships for some time. “Men are not worth it,” she concluded.

Somewhere along the line, while her resolution about men was still active; James walked into Kike’s life.

It was like a dream at first. She didn’t believe she could fall in love again.

But James changed her life completely. He treats her with love and affection. And she has no doubt in her mind that their relationship has been made from heaven.

She’s in love again – more than ever before!

Having finally decided to marry each other, it was time to start getting used to each other’s family.

That was what brought James to Kike’s parents, and they received him very well.

Having eaten, drank, and interacted for about two hours; James looked at his wristwatch and whispered to his fiancée that he had to take his leave.

Kike’s mum and dad walked him to the door, exchanged some pleasantries and bade him goodbye.

“I will escort him to the car,” Kike announced to her parents.

She clung to her heartthrob’s shoulder as they both walked happily to James’s Maybach Landaulet car parked in the compound.

“That man will not marry my daughter!” Kike’s dad exclaimed.

“What did you just say, darling?”

“You heard me right, woman. My daughter will not enter that man’s house.”

Kike’s mum could easily recognize the expression in her husband’s face. It was that of burning anger.

“But why, honey? You didn’t give any indication of disapproval when that young man was with us just a few minutes ago. Why the sudden change?”

“Are you asking me? And did you just call him a ‘young man’? You call a 52-year old man a young man, Abigail?”

“How is that a problem to us, dear? If that’s what our daughter wants, we have to support her. What’s age got to do with love?”

Tunde was visibly upset with his wife.

“Now I can see you are a terrible mother. How on earth would you support a small girl like Kike to marry someone who is my age mate?” He fumed.

“Tunde, please stop all this if it’s a joke. Kike is 27; she’s no longer a little baby of those days. She’s matured. She manages people in her office so let her make her own choice.”

“Look, Abigail, you’re provoking me badly. Nothing in this world will let me allow my daughter to marry someone who is old enough to be her father. Have you forgotten your own age? That old man called James is 52. You’re 54, and I am 55 for crying out loud!”

“And so what? Answer me Tunde, I’m asking you: And so what?”

“What do you want people to think about us, Abigail? It is so ridiculous.”

“Honey, it is not about what people say. It is about our daughter’s life. Remember how young men have been disappointing Kike for long. Now that she has found someone who truly loves her, please let’s give her all the support she needs as her parents.”

“That’s where you’re mistaken. Kike is not old enough to decide for herself. She’s just 27. We need to guide her properly. That’s our responsibility as her parents.”

“So you want her to continue to wait perpetually? You want her to continue with heartbreaks from those skinny jeans Lagos boys? No, Tunde, it won’t happen.”

“Is it because this James of a man is so established and successful or what?”

“Yes, it is. I say ‘it is.’ What’s wrong with that? Is it not what every parent want for their children? Do you want your Kikelomo to go suffering in a man’s house?”

“Then you must be a gold digger.”

Haha, I’m sure you’re not serious about what you’ve just said. I’m a successful businesswoman. You’re a wealthy man too. Kike is a successful banker. She doesn’t need any man’s money to survive. So how can any of us be a gold digger? My dear, it’s not about money.”

“Then why the special interest in a 52-year old man?”

“Because he’s the person our daughter wants. It’s about her future, not about yours or mine, Tunde.”

Hmmm, I must be dreaming.”

“No, my husband, you’re not. James is matured. He looks responsible and I could see the sincerity in everything he has told us. Why should we deny them their happiness because of some age difference and your useless old school beliefs?”

“When I’m still alive, eh? Why would I open my eyes and let a thing like this happen?”

“OK. What if you have died? Wouldn’t she make her choice in your absence?”

Eh, eeh, that one is better. At least everyone would say, ‘If Tunde had been alive this nonsense wouldn’t be happening.’”

“Do you know your problem, Tunde?”

“What’s my problem? Tell me, what exactly is my problem?”

“You’re so particular about yourself and what people would say. You’re less concerned about the happiness of Kike and James. What a selfish man you are.”

“Right, if you see it that way, then convince me on why our daughter must marry someone who is twice her age.”

“I’ve given you enough reasons.”

“No, tell me more.”

“See, it’s about what Kike wants; not what we want.”

“You’ve said that many times. Say another thing.”

“Marriage is forever. Kike needs all the care and attention. Remember that you gave her the name Kike. It’s about caring for her. That James you call ‘old man’ is best suited for that. He’s not like the ‘body sampling hopi pi yooo’ guys your daughter has been bringing home before now.”

“So you believe James will be more responsible than the younger ones, right?”

“Of course, he’s much more experienced. Don’t forget what he told us about his past relationship.”

“That’s true. At least, I appreciate his sincerity. But how do we know he wasn’t at fault for the failure of his first marriage?”

“We don’t have to know. One incontrovertible fact is that the first wife has married someone else. Period!”

“What if something happens to Kike in his house?”

“Like what?”

“Like James becoming something else to our daughter after marriage?”

“Can you see how you reason? OK, give me the assurance that something cannot happen to her if she were to marry someone younger than James?”


“Tunde, you have no excuse. Let Kike go with whoever she wants.”

“But I still have a concern.”

“Voice it out, sir.”

“Kike is young and energetic. How will James be able to cope with her sexual desires?”

Abigail looked at her husband suspiciously and asked, “What are you inferring?”

“I’m just wondering…”

“Wondering what? How old did you say you were? 55, right? Are you less active at your age now?”

“Me? I’m a firebrand and I’m sure you know it.”

“Then why worrying about someone who is even younger than you?”

“Anyway, there are some young guys who can’t perform so that shouldn’t be my headache. And if James has a problem, he can use Viagra.”

“Now you’re talking,” Abigail concluded.

Tunde picked up his glass of wine and drained it up.

As he put down the cup, he looked up to find her daughter leaning against the entrance door, hands akimbo.

Ha, Kike, you’re back,” he echoed.

“Daddy, I’ve been here for the past 10 minutes listening to the arguments between the two of you. But none of you noticed.”

Tunde and his wife glanced at each other with surprise.

“Anyway, daddy, has mummy successfully convinced you?”

“Oh ye…yeee, yes, my daughter,” Kike’s dad stammered.

“Then give me your blessings,” Kike said as she moved closer to her parents.

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