How do you describe an “Ideal Life”?


Earlier this week, I came across a question that someone asked on Quora.

The question is: How do you describe an “ideal life”?

Without thinking, I started typing my answer to the question. It was something done subconsciously, so to speak.

And it goes as follows:

“An ideal life, I think, is a life based on freedom:

  1. Freedom to work when you want to work and how you want to work;
  2. Freedom to go on vacation when and how you want;
  3. Freedom to spend money because you have it;
  4. Freedom to live a happy life because you’re truly happy;
  5. Freedom to sleep when you want to sleep;
  6. Freedom to do your daily exercises when you want;
  7. Freedom to go wherever you so desire without any hindrance;
  8. Freedom to be with your loved ones and make them happy as you so desire;
  9. Freedom to help others because you have the means; and
  10. Freedom to practice the religion of your choice.”

Now, I am thinking seriously about the question and those ten points I have given.

Guess I’m seriously right.

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