How to live better than a fish out of water

“We are like fish in water. The fish doesn’t know it’s in water – until it is taken out.” – T. Harv Eker.

It sounds abnormal to suggest that a fish can live out of water because the comfort zone for fish is water – its natural habitat.

To test the endurance level of a fish, bring it out of water and begin to observe as it struggles for survival. It suddenly dawns on him that life is much more than he had thought.

Like a fish, many of us don’t understand what life truly is because we only see it from our limited perspective.

Until you receive the hard knocks of life, you may not know that life could be troubling.

Today’s world is full of self-acclaimed preachers, motivational speakers and counsellors; most of whom have never experienced what they talk about. Give them a small taste to see how fainthearted they could be.

But life can also be great to those who dare to explore. It can serve us delicious meals if we provide the required ingredients.

You may not know your capacity until you’re duly tested.

You may not know how great you are until you leave your comfort zone.

Like a fish out of water, you may struggle but you will not die. That’s because you’re not a fish.

You’re probably familiar with the famous story of an elephant tied to a small tree from infancy. He remains in the same position up to adulthood, believing that he’s firmly tied down and wouldn’t be able to move about. But the rope is weak  and the tree is feeble. All that is required of this ignorant giant is to explore, uproot the tree with a simple fling, move out of his comfort zone, and get a better life.

That’s what we should all do daily: Move!

We can get a better life.

We can achieve whatever we desire.

We can be greater than we are.

But we must be ready to move out of our water of comfort to explore the desert of opportunities.

You can’t know the level of power within you until you put it to use.

You don’t know how fast you can run until there is a stampede.

Take a short lesson from the car. It is built to move, not to be parked for too long. If immobile for long, everything starts to fall out of place – the battery dies off, the tyres go flat, the engine gets weak and the body goes rust.

So it is for our physical body if we don’t move around. We’re built to move. We’re made to walk.

Same thing applies to our brain. We are meant to use it to think, to create, to explore, and to excel.

None of these can be achieved if we stay in the comfort zone like a fish inside water.

We must come out of that water.

We must aspire.

We must try.

We must work hard for something better.

Though the process may be tough, we will survive much more than an ordinary fish that is taken out of water.

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