I love you

These three words are easily said, but hardly expressed.

They’re words uttered without thoughts. The expression has become an instrument of deception; both by the users and the receivers.

Those who truly love do not deceive.

They don’t hate.

And they don’t hurt.

True lovers sacrifice.

They share.

But let’s ponder more: Why is this expression so deceptive?

The answer is simple: The receivers like being deceived.

S/he just wants to hear it said; it doesn’t matter if it is meant.

And that’s why “I love you” has gained so much prominence without meaning.

Too bad.

And so sad.

In spite of the tricks that abound, few exceptions still exist.

Amidst many rotten fruits can still be found some freshness.

Some still love.

They truly do.

They say the words and do what the words say.

They sincerely love.

To which camp do you belong?