If Oga should hear!

Some <a href="https://www visit homepage.megainsights.com/oga/#.V08cE_krLIV” target=”_blank”>Ogas would simply faint if they should see the way their employees treat customers in their absence. Many businesses have closed shop because of the poor treatment meted out to customers by some employees.

These bad eggs are everywhere: Hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, hospitals…name it. They behave as if they don’t care about the business; not to mention the customer. Their verbal and body language is horrible. They don’t seem to know or care about the fact that their salaries come from the business. They simply kill the business!

Having been a victim of poor customer service on several occasions, and having reacted to such treatments by reducing or stopping my patronage, I have come to the conclusion that employee’s behavior is a key factor that business owners must take seriously. As they say, “Trust is good, but control is better.” If you lose a customer, or if sales begin to go down unexpectedly, you better do a quick check of how your employees have been treating your customers.

But some good ones can be found. These are the employees who take the business as if it belongs to them. They treat the customer like a king and you can be rest assured of continuous patronage. They keep your business growing by making the customer happy. But these good ones are few in number in our environment.

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