If you don’t know how, learn how.

At a recent seminar, the facilitator said, “If you don’t know how to do something, then go ahead and find out how to do it.”

That singular statement occupied my mind throughout the day.

The facilitator was right.

Perhaps many of us, particularly those who were born before 1980, are still living in the past.

We probably think about those days when certain knowledge resided with a set of people; an era when you didn’t know anything about medicine unless you were a doctor; an era when you couldn’t say a word about aircraft except you were a pilot; a period when you could not talk about banking except you were a banker.

Not anymore!

We now live in a world of open knowledge.

Welcome to the world of interconnectivity.

No wonder why Bill Gates coined it, “Business at the speed of thought!”

Never again should you say, “I don’t know.”

You can know; if you want to know.

It’s amazing the amount of knowledge that now surrounds us. Whatever you need to know can now be obtained not just by the punch of your computer keyboard, but simply by a press of your phone keypad. The information follows you wherever you go.

I’m quickly reminded that you don’t even need to press any keypad again; you simply touch the screen of your phone!

It is the world of internet; a world of technology!

Whatever the topic may be, the internet is there to help you out. If you can’t find the required material, you will definitely find the experts in the subject.

Gone were those days when you would have to write a letter, book a long distance call, or travel many kilometers to obtain information. These days, our modern days, the information beckons at you in your palm, on your desk, and in your pocket.

So, how come you still say, “I don’t know”?

The only thing that can prevent you from knowing is laziness. And that’s actually the problem. Many people find it difficult to create the time, and constitute the discipline to know. They cannot devote enough time to seek knowledge; knowledge that is already at their fingertips.

Those are the people that still say, “I don’t know.”

The internet has turned many into great learners; and I dare say experts in certain fields.

Whatever you want, ask the net. All you need to do is ask, and it shall be given. Type “How to…” and the internet will rush towards you with the answers.

Yours may be, “How to build a house.”

You will get it.

It could be, “How to fall in love.”

The answers are available.

As from today, separate yourself from the pack of “I don’t know” and begin to find out whatever you may not know.

Instead of sounding, “I don’t know how”, change your words to, “I will learn how.”

The world is yours.