I’m Work in Progress

Yes, I am.

I’m work in progress.

I keep learning daily, and I keep improving.

I’m work in progress.

When a product is yet to be fully produced and sent into the market for sale, it remains a work in progress.

When a being is still waking and walking in this very planet, he remains a work in progress.

I keep observing.

I’m work in progress.

I’m not perfect.

Nobody is.

I’m work in progress.

And yes you are.

We’re all work in progress until we kick the bucket.

Mistakes are made at the work in progress stage, and corrections are allowed. Perfection is not expected until a product becomes “finished.”

When you recognize this fact, you will be less critical; you will be more accommodating; and you will embrace continuous improvement.

The ultimate aim of a manufacturer is to turn a work in progress product into a perfect finished product.

That should be your aim.

It should be my aim.

We live to learn. And we learn to improve.

Let’s aim to be better…on a daily basis.

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