Inventing your future


“Everything we do in life is about invention. We take it after our Creator who made all of us. We invent every minute of our life…including our future. Those who invent their future properly smile later in life.”

Those were the words of my mentor.

At first, it sounded strange to hear. It was like someone playing God.

But it is the truth.

We invent our future on a daily basis.

Everything we do today has either a positive or negative effect on our tomorrow.

And the choice is always ours to make…individually.

You can choose to spend all your today on drugs and women.

You can decide to work hard today or spend the whole day watching movies.

And you can choose to work hard, be frugal, and build a better future for yourself.

You have the choice.

I equally do.

Every action, every step, every statement, every decision has an impact on your future. We invent the future today… it is not imposed on us by anyone.

Some people are fond of blaming others for their woes.

They blame their teachers, they blame their parents, they blame their spouses, they blame their employers, they blame the government, and anyone they can easily point a finger at.

That’s irresponsibility.

Great guys take 100% responsibility for their actions.

Great guys choose…they choose the path to tread without blaming anyone if it turns out awry.

But in most cases, they choose aright.

Your actions count – the interview you fail to attend, the sale you fail to make, the exam you fail to sit for, the work you fail to do, the advice you take, the thoughts you entertain…all contribute to your future.

Your future is in your hand…not in anyone else’s.

Invent it well.

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