Is the world truly unfair?

The challenge many people face is that they get sold defeatist ideas like “the world is unfair.”

What crosses your mind when you hear a statement like that? You begin to feel helpless and hopeless. You start to think that some people are favored and others are unlucky.

Read my words: The world is fair and well balanced.  

Our world is so fair that it apportions output according to input. A man that wakes up early to work hard gets to reap the reward of his labour. The lazy guy around the corner dies of hunger.

Shall we still say that the world is unfair for justly rewarding each for his actions?

Every action brings about a reaction. Breathe love into the world and you will be loved. Sow hatred and you will live in chaos. It is a world of sowing and reaping.

The word is fair.

Opportunities are everywhere around us. Some see them and seize them. Others see them but fail to act. Yet, there are others who don’t even see those opportunities at all. And when Nature begins to reward each according to his action, those who fail to see or seize the available opportunities cry out, “the world is unfair!”

Don’t ever join them in saying those words. They are the words of victims.

When you act, you will have.

Our world is fair.

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