Yes, laugh.

Life is tough, no doubt. But that shouldn’t prevent you from laughing.

Looking morose doesn’t change anything. The best is to laugh it off.

Your head becomes clearer when you laugh. Then you can think. Then you can find solutions to issues.

Sadness hinders great thoughts. Laughter builds reasoning.

Only a few animals can laugh. We understand that domestic rats (of all animals) and hyena are part of the few lucky ones. But how about hundreds of other species who wish they could laugh like you? Though they cannot laugh, they still express their happiness in other ways.

Trees may not be able to laugh, yet they move in happiness.

You and I are favoured. We only need to appreciate what we have.

We can feel. We can see. We can perceive. We can enjoy. We can choose.  And we can be happy.

We have the mind. We have the emotions. And we have the mouth to laugh aloud.

Yes, we can laugh.

And we should laugh.

As for me, I laugh.

And I also laugh like daddy GO.

I wish you joy today…and always.

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