Laughing Like Daddy GO.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye, is a well respected gentleman of God. He is also known to be quite close to the powerful people in Nigeria; at least going by the rate at which successive presidents, governors, ministers etc attend the RCCG’s programs. Many of them go to Daddy GO, as he’s profoundly called, for one prayer or the other. They also give testimonies!

Somehow, these same people for whom Daddy GO frequently prays are making him laugh. Papa is laughing because of the recent happenings in our land, and I’m sure these must include the new increase in the pump price of petrol.

 He said:

  •  People have asked why I often laugh or crack jokes about the disturbing events taking place in our nation. The reason is, if you don’t laugh it off, you could develop hypertension. Learn to laugh about very disturbing events: ‘A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones (Prov. 17:22).’ The joy of the Lord is your strength. As long as you retain your joy, nobody can defeat you. The day you lose your joy, your vision, hope and future may go with it. Happy New Year!

Ordinarily, it could be seen as a good thing when your children make you laugh; because laughter is an expression of joy. But Daddy is an elderly man. He is also a Yoruba man. Anyone in this class is expected to speak in parables. Daddy GO has actually spoken in parables. Obe o ki n mi ni’kun agba – soup does not shake in the stomach of an elder.

My father was almost 80 before he died, and whenever he said to anyone of us that, “Hmm, erin e n pa mi,” we understood his warnings clearly. That’s the same thing as, “You make me laugh,” which of course, is like saying,”I pity you because you are actually going astray.”

Daddy GO’s statement also infers that one could develop hypertension by taking the country’s disturbing events too seriously. That, again, is weighty and I sincerely hope our leaders are getting the message. When an elderly man says he doesn’t want you to give him hypertension, it means he’s fed up with your case. It’s another way of saying, “Look, I won’t allow you to kill me with all your wahala (troublesomeness).” As a Yoruba man, I understand what that means. It doesn’t matter how Daddy GO has couched his statement, anyone with a reasonable level of wisdom will understand the code. I can only hope our leaders do, too.

Hey! Wait a minute. What do you think will happen when some people are pushing a man of God to a point of hypertension? Do you think God will just stand akimbo, watching? I don’t think He will be that patient and happy with anyone frustrating his servant. “Abo oro la n so fun Omo’luabi, t’o ba de inu e, a di odidi: Half of words is enough for a son that comes from a good home, when it gets to his stomach, it becomes whole.”

Daddy GO is turning 70 this year, yet these people don’t understand that he actually wants to laugh for good reasons. Now, they make him laugh for wrong reasons. What a recalcitrant set of “children” papa now has in positions of power in this country! Thank God I’m still a young man (Am I getting old?). I just wonder what must be going on in the minds of the septuagenarians and octogenarians of this country at this very moment.  O ma se o, what a pity!

Hmm, it is quite common for each church to have a theme for each year. For instance, RCCG has “A New Thing” for 2012. It is “Eagle’s Flight” for my church. Many other churches have their 2012 slogans, and everyone prays towards their fulfillment. Somehow, it would seem that we missed an important caption for this year. How come we didn’t include something like, “Year of Laughter?” I’m just wondering.

Let me also say this about laughter, and it has to do with another Yoruba proverb. “Oro to ba ti koja ekun, erin la fi n rin.” This means that when an issue has become so bad that you can’t weep over it any longer, you just have to start laughing. At that point, you can’t cry again, you will just start laughing. Honestly, that is what is happening now. And that’s why we are all laughing.

Hold on, I can imagine what you must be thinking. You must be wondering, “Who is laughing? How do you expect me to laugh when some cowboys have just doubled the price of petrol? How do you expect me to laugh when the labour force and the civil society are preparing for ‘mother of all protests’ next week? How do you expect me to laugh when the police are threatening fire and brimstone against would-be protesters? You want me to laugh when transportation fares have gone up threefold? I beg, if na joke make you stop am ooo.”

Don’t worry. I know how you feel. But you just have to laugh like Daddy GO. I am already doing that here. I am doing so not because I like what is happening. How can anyone be happy with such a thing? How can I be happy when churches are being bombed every now and then?  How can I be laughing when I hear drums and whispers of “war” and bombings every morning? No, I am not happy, and I am not laughing that way. Daddy GO is not laughing that way either.

But I am laughing because all the issues and utterances around me have gone beyond a weeping point. I can’t weep any longer, so I am laughing like Daddy GO.

In case you are not such a humorous person, and just in case you are suffering from geliophobia; I have a prescription for you. I want you to turn to the recent conscriptions by my Fellow Nigerians. You will have no choice than to laugh when you examine the creativity of Nigerians in the past few days. Many of the inventiveness are even pictorial in nature and you keep wondering whether they are real! Wow! My people are marvelous!  Let’s go to Facebook, Twitter, and Newspapers to “hear” what people are saying about the fuel price increase. I have some of them here for your rib-cracking laughter:

  • Imagine this: Customer: How much you dey cut hair? Barber: N100 with NEPA with GEN N800. Customer: Abeg, flash me when NEPA brings light. Lol!!!


  • A thief was caught and a tyre was put around his neck and a box of matches was brought out, but nobody agreed to bring petrol. The thief smiled and said, “thanks to fuel subsidy removal.”


  • Nigeria yi ti gbogbo wa ni – (Iro Nla)
    Ko ma gbodo baje – (to ti baje tan)
    Tori ko si ibomiran ti a le lo – (Canada nko)
    Ajo ko le da’bile – (E je ka lo na)
    Eje ka sowopo ka fi’mo so’kan (eyi melo?)
    Gbe e ke mi gbe – (Owo n ro mi)
    What a nation!!!!!

All is not about laughter on those social media platforms. God! I never knew that my people can curse and abuse the way they have been doing since 1st of January. Lord have mercy! They have torn my president into pieces. Honestly, this may be a hard lesson on “How not to be a ‘Facebook President.’”

It is indeed a period of laughter for all of us. If you are thinking that the government officials cannot be laughing at this crucial period of their career; you are totally wrong. You can confirm for yourself by turning to the first page of The Punch Newspaper of Thursday, January 5, 2012. There you will find a picture captioned, “Wednesday: FEC ‘Subsidy’ Meeting” in which four Federal Ministers are laughing heartily. We used to have a leader who was always smiling (and he’s still smiling). But there is a big difference between smiling and laughing. Maybe this is not a great way to laugh.

God bless Nigeria, and also save the President (Amen)!

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