Learning from the Farmer


If only we could be more observant, we would discover that there are lots of lessons to learn from nature.

Farmers are very close to nature.

They understand how nature works.

They’re conversant with the process of seed planting and germination.

You and I can learn from the farmer.

A farmer starts by preparing the ground for planting.

He clears the bush and turns the soil.

He gets his seeds ready.

He plants.

And then waits.

He knows how nature works.

He waits for the seed to first die.

Yes, his seed must first die before it can come alive again.

Though the farmer may not understand any sermon about resurrection, he’s confident that his planted seed, though dead, will rise again to bring out fresh crops.

It doesn’t matter if it is maize or beans; the process is the same.

The farmer is not in haste.

He doesn’t get agitated when the seed begins to change colour and starts to die.

It’s a process.

Shortly, the dead seed turns to a fresh plant.

The plant begins to grow.

It later brings out beautiful crops.

And the farmer is happy as he makes a bountiful harvest.

What a miracle!

Life is not too different.

We’re all products of nature.

When the going becomes tough, when hope begins to dim, when doubts begin to set in, when everything appears to be dying off; we should remember the process of germination.

We should learn from the farmer.

Rest comes after a hard work.

Happiness shows up after sufferings.

Morning sunshine clears off the night darkness.

We must never give up.

Only a foolish farmer would discard the seed he has planted because it is going dead in the ground.

Commitment is all that is needed.

It brings about sweet results.

Let’s learn from the farmer.

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