Life Insurance Letter to My Son

My dear son,

Today is your first year anniversary on the face of this planet earth. I thought of what to buy for you as a birthday gift but it became so difficult for me to reach a decision. If I should buy you a mobile phone, it would be useless to you at this age. If I buy you chocolate, it won’t take you an hour to finish it up. What if I buy you new shoes and new dresses? Yes, they would be so good on you, but it won’t be too long before you outgrow them.

So, I have bought you something so unique. I have bought you a lifetime gift. I have bought a life insurance policy for your future benefit. How else can a loving father best express his love to his dear son?

The life insurance policy I just bought is called Education Endowment Plan. I have read through the contract and I am confident that you will love it. Buying this insurance cover reminds me of the wise words of Rev. Thomas Scott who said, “A man cannot leave a better legacy to the world than a well-educated family.” The education endowment insurance policy I just bought is a great legacy for you.

My Dear John, though you are just one year old today, you should be rest assured that I have secured your education for life, irrespective of what may happen to me.

People do die. Anyone can die at anytime. This is one of the mysteries of life. We don’t know when it would be each person’s turn to pass away. So, my dear son, don’t worry if it becomes my turn to go while you’re still young. My insurance company will make sure that your education is not impaired. The proceeds of this insurance policy will be used to pay your school fees, buy your textbooks, and every other thing you may need. The amount agreed with the insurance company will be adequate to take care of you.

John, I have seen a lot in this life. I have seen so many situations where relatives divide a deceased man’s children among themselves. These children then end up without adequate education and they continue to wonder, “But for the death of our father, this would not have happened to us.” My boy, this life insurance policy will make sure that you don’t fall within that class of children.

In case you are wondering what would happen to the policy if I survive till the future maturity date I have chosen for this insurance cover, my son, it would be great for you and me. At that time, I will only have to sit back, relax and let the insurance company make the payments of your school fees on my behalf. I have the choice of collecting a lump sum from them or ask them to pay your school fees as it falls due.

My lovely son, I’m so happy about this life insurance policy. These days, there is nothing like a good education for one’s child. It is the best legacy that a good parent can bestow on his son or daughter. That’s why I’ve taken this bold step to make sure that your future education is duly secure.

Your Mummy is aware of this arrangement and she’s so proud of me for taking the step.

Once again, my very dear son, John, I wish you a very happy birthday, long life, and abundant blessings.

Your loving dad.

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