Life is What You Make it to Be

Yes, it is. Life is what you make it to be to you.

We have a choice between living a happy life or a life of sadness.

Happy life is from within.

So is a life of misery.

It depends on what you choose to activate.

I know of a lady who seems not to have ever had a taste of sadness in her life. She’s always bubbling with energy.

She laughs.

She plays.

She hugs.

She’s ever full of life and never influenced by negative external stimuli.

Yet, I know another person who is a direct opposite of this lady.

This one is always complaining.

If it’s not about the weather, it must be about traffic.

If it’s not about her job, it must be about her boyfriend.

She’s always agitated and sad.

Now, take a look at this: the “always bright lady” looks much younger than the sad one, but she’s about four years older!

And as far as I know of the two, the ever happy lady has more challenges but she doesn’t display any emotion. What a strong being she is!

No doubt, life is about how we see it individually.

Think about it, feeling sad about a situation doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t take away the problem.

If you have an issue, deal with it and move on.

You draw happiness closer to yourself by being happy. That’s the vapour of charisma.

Stop whining and moaning about petty things.

Clean your mind.

Think positively.

The dialogue that goes on within you is what you project to the outside world.

Happiness within is never impacted by the happenings around.

Expect the best from life.

Choose happiness as I have since done.

Live happily.

Life is too short.

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