MegaInsights.Com is wearing a New Look

In case you did not know, MegaInsights is now wearing a new look. You can check us out here.

By the way, like play, like play, the blog page clocked 4 years about two weeks ago; precisely 11th November, 2015. Quite amazing!

My appreciation goes to all the great people who have been a part of this wonderful project – from our developers to our editors; from our readers to our critics; and from our commentators to our secret admirers. Thanks to you all.

Oh, I shouldn’t forget to thank those hackers who broke into “our privacy” a couple of weeks ago. Without their intrusion, we might not have considered it necessary to make the changes that have just taken place on the site. As a popular Yoruba adage goes, Adani l’oro f’agbara koni – one becomes stronger after a trial. 

Apart from our new look which is much sweeter than before, it is now easier for you to access all the past posts on the blog page. You can easily see the recent posts and enjoy our most popular posts as well. In addition, you’re now at liberty to freely print, email, tweet and do whatever you like with any of the available materials on the site. They’re all at your disposal to treat as you so desire.

Don’t forget, the download section is full of downloadable materials including FREE eBooks, articles, audiobooks, and videos.

If, by the time you’re leaving this site, you feel more educated, enlightened, or entertained, then our aspirations would have been met.

Finally, please take a few seconds to join our mailing list before leaving this blog page.

Thanks a trillion.

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