Monday Again?!

I am writing this piece on a Sunday night and I’m sure it’s already Monday morning in many countries of the world. In a few minutes from now, it will be Monday here too.

Irrespective of where you are reading this from, you must have one feeling or the other for this special day called Monday. It is the first working day of the week in most countries and it has some air of importance surrounding it.

In Nigeria, the market woman will never sell to you on credit on Monday because she believes that if she does so, most of the sales of the week would be without cash. Her buyers would be the “Alawins – the debtors” who would only promise to come back to pay.

I am borrowing the title of this article from a book by Marquese Martins-Hayes who gave a lot of inspirations on Monday in “Monday Again?”  That book says a lot about Monday.

I also remember a popular 1979 song titled “I Don’t Like Mondays” by Boomtown Rats.  The song was written by Bob Geldof who claimed to have gotten the inspiration from a horrible incident that took place in San Diego, California on 29th January, 1979. On that day, one Brenda Ann Spencer had opened fire on children playing on an elementary school playground. Her shots killed two adults and wounded eight children and one police officer. The woman did not show any remorse for her dastardly act and when questioned, she gave the excuse that “I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” Can anyone beat that?

Here in Lagos, Monday is a different day for different people. For some, it is a day that money must be made; otherwise the whole week could be a failure.

To many, it is a day that you must leave your house an hour earlier than other days because of the heavy Monday morning traffic jams.

To other people, Monday is a dreadful day; a day that you must face your Management to tell them about your production for the previous week. God saves you if you don’t have a good result to show the hawks at that Monday morning management meeting.

It is a common belief that the way Monday turns out is the way the whole week would be. It may be a superstitious belief but, somehow, it is usually accurate in most cases. How often have you started your Monday with lengthy meetings only to realize that the rest of the week was full of meetings – many of which were not even productive in any way? How about the belief held by market women regarding the Monday debtors?

I don’t know about you, but I love Monday. I belong to that group of people who believe that Monday must not be toyed with. Call it superstition or something else, I think the way you start your Monday will determine the outcome of the week. So I don’t joke with that day. Good enough, I have two days to plan my Monday ahead (that is, Saturday and Sunday).

I must be on the road by 6.00AM tomorrow morning; heading for Ijebu-Ode where we are holding a  one-week marketing retreat for our sales force. My first presentation is slated for 8.30AM so you can imagine how expectantly I am looking forward to the morning. Some few minutes ago, I took a quick look at the entire programme for the retreat and could see that Monday has been packed up with the most important topics. I guess my colleagues who drew it up equally understand how serious Monday is.

Whatever you aim to achieve this week, make sure that you start on a good note on Monday. Make your Monday an exciting day; and your week will be a happy one. Don’t be like those who find it hard to rise up on time from their beds on Monday morning. Don’t join the group of Mr., Mrs., or Miss Nowheretogo  (Konibiire) who lazy about or gossip around on Monday. See your Monday as a beautiful and fruitful day.

May the new week be a sweet one for you.


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6 thoughts on “Monday Again?!”

  1. To tell the honest truth, Mondays are enjoyable when you are in a standard organisation that create values to their customers and employees. So you then look forward to monday because it is a strategy day to do better and climb higher in career development. However, under a bad management company, you wish monday can be removed from the days of the week because it is just another wasted meeting day without focus and objectives. So, your love and hatred for Monday is from the kind of organisation you work!

    1. You’re right GS. You can easily tell about an organization from the look on it’s employees faces on a Monday morning. Work environment plays a big role in what we are talking about here.

  2. Another nice one. well done, sir.for me, i love monday, after a long weekend(2 days) needed to go back to work.i love monday morning.

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