It is nauseating…really appalling

It is sickening to hear all the big figures pounding our ears daily… these days.

We like big things, but the corruption figures are too heavy.

Every day, we get fed with revelations and counter revelations of big sums of money that have been stolen by our fellow countrymen… mostly our so-called “servants” …those who should have served us… or should be serving us.

It is sad!






Please lend me another word…

From pound sterling to euros, from dollars to naira, from ministers to governors, from lawyers to judges; from wives to children; from friends to cronies… billions upon billions upon billions have been stolen!


And wait a second, some of them are still talking.

Others are even boasting!


They’ve thrown shame into the lagoon.

Honour is nothing to them anymore.

And their kids are watching.

See, it is almost impossible, if not totally unthinkable, to find a single room in Nigeria without the Holy Bible or Holy Quran inside it. Our hotels even display the holy bible.

It doesn’t matter what people do inside those rooms.

Where are the religious teachings?

“Thou shall not steal” has been murdered by these people.

And now, the innocent is weeping.

The poor is crying.

The recession is biting.

The government is complaining.

But listen to the radio arguments.

Stop by your newspaper vendor’s stand.

You will hear the common man’s discourse.

You will know the reasoning of our FRAN members.

You will hear them defend their kinsmen who are involved.

You will then be sorry for the country.

It’s disgusting…absolutely lamentable!