Never lie to yourself

I just read one of Paulo Coelho’s quotes on the topic of success. It says, “If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself.”

That sinks.

It hits home.

Many deceive themselves by claiming what they’re not.

In the name of hype or, as they now call it, “packaging,” they deceptively project themselves. They parade what does not belong to them. And they drop names recklessly.

You may be lucky in tricking someone for a while, but one day the truth will be out to your ultimate shame.

Oh yes, you can clap and pop champagne because you have cuckolded someone successfully. Congrats!

If you then go into your room, lock the door, look into the mirror, beat your chest and still continue to celebrate alone, be rest assured that something is wrong with you. You’re lying to yourself.

Never lie to yourself…either publicly or privately.

Your mind is free if you’re real.

And you can hold your head high at any point in time.

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