The New Bride Who Danced Naked at Her Wedding Party

“Uncle, take a look at this!”


“Look at the bride! See how she’s dancing at her wedding reception party omeprazole online.”

“Yes, she has the right to dance the way she likes. It’s her happy day now.”

“No, uncle, you’re not watching the video. Look at her. She posted it on Facebook.”

“Look, bobo, leave me alone. I don’t watch people’s Facebook videos.”

“No, this one is going to interest you. Just take a look; she’s the bride but she’s half-naked!”

“How does that concern you?”

“It’s immoral, uncle. It’s not good.”

“Well, are you her father or mother?”

“No, I’m not. But it doesn’t speak well of a new wife-to-be.”

“OK oo. Who is she dancing with?”

“Well, she’s dancing with the groom.”

“So, is he complaining?”

Ha, I think he’s enjoying it. But what kind of husband is he going to be? Look at how widely exposed his bride’s chest is. See how everything is dangling and almost coming out of her dress. I don’t think she’s even wearing any bra.”

“But, wait oo, you this guy, eeh! I think you have a problem. Why are you so concerned about an issue that doesn’t affect you? Is she your wife?”

“Uncle, it affects me because she’s insulting my senses. This is sheer craziness. See how everyone is taking her pictures and filming the free porn show. I’m sure some of these guys are already dropping downstairs.”

“Na you sabi. Are the lady’s parents not at the party? Are the in-laws not there? So, which one is your own?”

Chai! This explains why some marriages collapse after a few months.”

Ha, God! I’m tired of this guy. Please switch off this thing and let’s discuss another matter.”

“Wait, uncle, seriously, what I see on Facebook these days upset me badly. Let me show you another one.”

“Please don’t show me any other thing. I’m not interested.”

“No, uncle, you must see this one too. It is another wedding reception. Look, that’s the husband sitting down there. Just wait, you will see what’s going to happen now when the music starts playing.”

“Yes, I can see the groom seated. That’s he in white shirt, abi?”

“Yes, white shirt and waistcoat. He must have flung his jacket somewhere.”

“So, what’s going to happen?”

“Good, uncle, the music has started playing. Look at the bride. See how she’s shaking and rolling her bottom on the groom’s laps. See how erotic her dancing is. Look at her seductive gyrations.”

“Oh my God!”

“No, uncle, you’ve not seen anything. Continue to watch. See how the groom is now holding her buttocks. Can you see how he’s spanking and squeezing them publicly with his two hands? See how she has now glued her bottom to the guy’s manhood? This is silly! Uncle, this is silly! It’s a big shame!”

“Again, I have the same set of questions for you: Are the couple’s parents not there watching? Is anyone complaining! Are you the …”

“See, uncle, sorry I’m interrupting you. Look, this is a public shame for a newlywed couple. Marriage is sacred, and a wedding ceremony should be dignifying. What I’m watching here is not too different from what we see in those horrible night clubs in our cities.”

“It’s their lives, bobo. Leave them alone.”

“No, don’t say that, uncle. This is part of what is destroying families across the country. Imagine a new wife publicly receiving spanking in the buttocks, and in the presence of both parents for that matter! Imagine the way she’s behaving like a whore at her own wedding party! What kind of a wife is she going to be at the end of the day?”

“Why don’t you leave that judgement to her husband and the two families?”

“Uncle, I don’t like the way you’re treating all these shameful acts. OK, what if you were the father-in-law, what would you think of this lady?”

“But I’m not the father-in-law.”

“That’s the problem. You’re not concerned because you’re not their relations.”

“Ol’ boy, it’s none of my business. If they like, let them even do the thing publicly. It doesn’t concern me.”

“Is that all you will say, uncle?”

“Yes, that’s all I have to say. Why should I bother my head over some people who have chosen to entertain their guests?”

“Good, on that note, I conclude my case, uncle. It’s truly an entertainment of the highest embarrassment. It’s sad that nobody sees it as a public disgrace, but that’s what it is. This type of a wife has already created some impressions before entering her husband’s house. By their acts, you shall know them.”

“As I said, I hold my peace. My lips are sealed. Let’s move to another topic.”