No Gain without Pain

Another year is around the corner.

Year 2014 is knocking at the door already.

As usual, it is time for us to start planning. It is another period for carrying out the annual ritual of drawing our “New Year Resolutions.”

As you and I know, many of such Resolutions hardly survive the first month of the New Year before being jettisoned; the reason for which is not farfetched – we draw up beautiful plans but fail to accept the fact that realizing our goals will involve some pains.

It takes sacrifice, a lot of them, to achieve worthy goals in life.

There is “No Gain without Pain.”

As you begin to think about what to achieve in 2014, bear in mind that you will have to pass through some difficult moments. Recognize the fact that it is only your commitment that can lead you to success. Accept the fact that every successful man or woman sacrifices something before achieving his or her goals.

If it takes some pains for builders to put up an edifice, if it takes some pains for a woman to give birth to a child, and if takes some pains for a labourer to earn his wages; we should not then be surprised that it takes some pains for anyone to achieve success in life 

As there can be no gain without pain, so also there cannot be pains without some gains. An injection may be painful to the buttock, but it brings relief thereafter. Whatever difficult situation you may be passing through, there must surely be some gains to be derived from it.

The Maker has perfectly created the world in such a way that we can easily understand how things work. Unfortunately, many of us refuse to accept the obvious.

All it takes is for us to look around to observe how nature works. But we often refuse to do so. Instead, we waste our time rationalizing the unreal. We deceive ourselves by running away from reality.

Acknowledge the fact that there can be “no gain without pain, and there can be no pain without gain,” and your life will be much better.

Merry Christmas in Advance!

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