Nobody Owes You Anything

I’m now on page 164 of “Think Big and Kick Ass In Business and Life,” a book written by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker.

A friend lent me the book a few days ago and it has since become hard for me to put it down.

The book is down to earth and ever practical.

Though I’m now halfway through with this 300-page book, I find myself going back to page 117 for some odd reasons. The last paragraph of this page spills over to page 118 and says:

  • “The media has a distorted reality, so that people who have to struggle or work for long years to be successful are left with a strange feeling that somehow they are being left out. They feel that the world owes them something. In real life it does not work that way. There are no guarantees that anyone will be rich and successful. Nobody owes you anything. You need to get down to earth and realize that you have to pave your own way to success by working hard and being diligent. There is no other way.”

This statement strikes a chord with me.

Two months ago, I had to counsel a young chap who was busy whinny and complaining bitterly about his brother. He felt that his rich brother did not do enough for him and his other siblings. He spoke as if his brother owed him a lot and it was his birthright to claim whatever he liked from him.

How I wish I had this book with me while speaking to that guy.

In truth, many people are like this young chap. They fail to realize that nobody owes them anything in life; but they themselves have the right to work hard for whatever they want in life.

Each and every one of us has to create our future!

Look around you to find many young men and women whose main aim is to become instant millionaires. They don’t want to care about how they get the money. They just want to be like the successful man next door. It doesn’t matter to them if that enviable man has gone through hell to achieve his success. They don’t just care!

Of course, it is great to have big dreams. A popular actor in a TV show used to say, “If you want to be a millionaire, think like a millionaire.” I endorse that. And I like people who dream big.

But how many people are ready to give what it takes to become a millionaire? Many people, mostly the youths of these days, are not prepared to work hard to achieve their aims. Instead, their psychology is that of dependency. They seem to suffer from dependency syndrome.

They depend on parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, in-laws, friends, spouses, lovers etc for their survival.  In the process, they become powerless and go about thinking they can’t do anything on their own to change their situations.

Because of this wrong leaning, they go about with the erroneous belief that those people owe them something. And when things fail to happen the way they want it, they become hostile, aggressive, and depressed.

Some also depend so much on luck; waiting endlessly for the day that luck will smile on them.

For sure, some guys are lucky in life. Some are lucky to be Americans; some are born with a silver spoon; and others just happen to have presidents or governors as their dads. That’s life and there is nothing we can do about it.

But there are also millions of successful people in the world today who were not as lucky, but they personally created their luck?

As the popular saying goes, “luck happens when opportunity meets preparation.”  It entails some hard work for that to take place.

I like the way Donald Trump puts it on page 118 of Think Big and Kick Ass. He says:

  • “Sure luck plays some part in the scheme of things. No question, but you cannot control luck. All you can do is to look at what you have going for you, and use it to the max! Ignore what you lack. If you dwell on the negative, it is all over for you.  Luck will not have a chance to show up in your life. Remember, many people have made it big in spite of their weaknesses. It is very important to know what you want for yourself, not what other people want for you. Make your own decision on what is best for you.”

Our world is full of disappointments. Parent, government, employer, or lover can disappoint you. The most important thing is for you not to disappoint yourself. One way to ensure that this does not happen is to reduce your expectations from people and be less dependent on their promises.

Your life is yours, and you must take 100% responsibility for it.

Is there a dream in you? Is there a vision in your eyes? Is there any ambition in your heart? Go for it. Help will come from where you didn’t expect by the time you start.

Nobody owes you anything in life!

I know of someone who had to pursue his dream after searching unsuccessfully for paid employment for five years. Frustration thereafter made him take a plunge into the business world; starting from the lowest level, and with little money. Having a business of his own had always been his dream but he was so scared of failure. He first wanted to test the water with some employers.

After three years of toiling, he’s now smiling about town in his brand new car. He has become an employer of labor and no longer look for employment anywhere. I can see that his wife even loves him the more now.

That’s what it means to create your future. Nobody will do it for you.

A motivational speaker once remarked, “You will get anything you want if you want it so badly.”  

That man stopped depending on people and pursued his passion as if his continuous existence depended on it.

He succeeded.

Another week has started. Think about this blog. Think about what you can do this week to better your life. Think about how you can create a better future for yourself as against depending on other people forever.

As you set out this week, remember the following words of wisdom from Donald Trump:

  • “…learn how to manage your mind. Do not let a situation lure you into thinking negatively, sometimes you will fail, but you will learn for the next time. Every time a negative thought comes to you, zap it. Replace it with a positive thought. That takes energy, but the result will be stamina – positive stamina, a necessary ingredient for success.”

I wish you the best.

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