Of living and leaving

I came late into Instagram in an attempt not to be left behind.

That was barely a week ago.

Almost immediately I completed the process, someone called to ask me why I have described myself the way I did.

“What’s the issue,” I asked.

My Instagram profile includes a statement that reads, “…Living happily and hoping to die happily at old age.”

This acquaintance of mine couldn’t reckon with that.

“It’s hard to live happily,” he cautioned.

Not for me.

I have said it on several occasions, happiness is a choice.

I have also heard it said many times that nobody can make you unhappy without your permission.

Everything in life is a matter of choice.

You can choose to be happy (or unhappy), irrespective of the situation you find yourself.

It’s all from the mind.

Sure, challenges will come.

Without doubt, the bees of life will sting.

But your state of mind will depend on how you interpret every moment.

That’s the way it is.

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