Of money, children, and peace

The children of my church are quite smart. At a recent ceremony (church anniversary), they placed three big bowls labelled “money,” “children,” and “peace” in front of the congregation. They then started singing and dancing; urging everyone to put money in any of the baskets of his/her choice. So, if you preferred money, you would drop money inside the basket labeled money. If you would like to have the three of them, you would then have to put money in the three baskets.

I observed!

Everyone put some amounts of money in each of the baskets. It didn’t matter if you only managed to put N5 or N10 in each of them. You have shown interest in the three.

That simple exercise kept me thinking and asking: Why, then, do some people pursue one over the other in real life? How come some people chase money to the detriment of their children (or family)? How come we seek money or children without bothering to have peace?

As demonstrated by those little children, I think we can have the trio of money, children/family, and peace without sacrificing one for the other.

It is possible. 

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