Of Same Sex Marriage

“Did you hear that Obama has thrown his weight behind gay marriage?”

“And so?”

Ah ah, is that all you will say?”

“What else do you want me to say? Wetin concern agbero with overload?”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean that Obama is an American, he’s the president of America, the gay people he’s supporting are in America; so how does that affect you and me who dey here in Nigeria battling with our own peculiar issues?”

“Hmmm, that’s where you are making a big mistake?”

“What kind of mistake?”

“You are forgetting that Nigerians, in fact, Africans, are copycats. Just watch and see; it won’t take long before we start canvassing for same sex marriage here because we are fond of referring to America, Europe and what have you on every issue. Can you still remember the time we were debating the fuel subsidy issues early this year? Did you notice how our leaders were making reference to those countries to justify their actions?”

“You are right, but I think it will never happen on this issue of gay marriage.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“I’m sure because the ground for it was tested recently and it failed. Have you quickly forgotten that America issued our country with veiled threats on this issue but our leaders did not succumb? At least they scored a good mark on that. They boldly told America to go to hell…Nigeria is not a land of homosexuals.”

“See the way you are talking as if you don’t know politicians. Did you know that this same Obama now supporting gay marriage had initially been quite evasive on the subject; only for him to now come around to support the idea because he wants the votes of the gay community? If Obama could do that, our own leaders can equally change tune at anytime.”

“I repeat: It won’t happen here.”

“Siddon there dey blow grammar until it starts happening.”

“What will make it happen?”

“You are asking me? All your National Assembly members need to do is to pass a law legalizing same sex marriage. It’s as simple as that.”

“My friend, they will never do that because it won’t interest them.  With all the beautiful babes in Abuja and other major cities of Nigeria, why would homosexuality be of concern to any of them?”

“You seriously want to know?”

“Yes, tell me.”

O daa, wait until the American Embassy starts refusing them visas for not passing the right law. Wait until they start seizing their property in the US for not being democratic enough. Wait until Obama refuses to welcome our president to the White House for not supporting ‘freedom of association’.”

“Na wah ooo.”

“So you are now seeing the picture properly?”

“Yes, but I don’t think America will do that to us.”

“Even if they don’t take such actions against our leaders, how about our own people here, most especially our young guys and ladies?”

“How do you mean?”

“Aaah, it’s a simple thing. Don’t you see the way they copy the Americans? Hear any one of them talk beside you; it would become difficult to know whether it’s actually a Nigerian or an American talking. You will continue to hear some ‘yooo,’ ‘yaaah,’ ‘yeeeh,’ from him despite the fact that he has never stepped into Murtala Mohammed airport before;  not to talk of ever travelling to America!”

“I think you have a point there.”

“Is it only that? How about the way they sag? The way they sing nko? How about the way they also dramatize in our churches in the name of preaching? They’ve Americanize everything! What would then prevent them from copying same sex relationships?”

“You’re really getting me to see your points. In fact, you left out one from your list. Look around the cities of Abuja, Lagos, or Port-Harcourt; you will see clubs everywhere as they have in American cities. And they’ve not stopped at that oo; our young guys and gals now dance naked in some of those clubs as they do in America.”

“Eeh, eeeeh, you are now thinking and talking.”

“Are you saying I wasn’t thinking before?”

“Okay, ma binu. But I’m seriously worried about this gay marriage issue, Oloun gbo.”

“Wooo, just go and relax. And go and read your bible too.”

“O de o, what has the bible got to do with this again?”

“A lot, my friend.”

“O ya, ja mi si.”

“The bible talks about the end times. Go and read everything it says. By the time you are done with your reading, you won’t be so surprised about those things now happening around the world.”

“I understand that the bible even categorically condemns homosexuality.”

“Yes now.”

“If that is so, why would Obama support what the bible condemns?”

“Because he’s a politician and he wants to win the second term in office.”

“Does that then mean he must sacrifice his religious beliefs for second term in office? Can’t he trust in God that he can still win without the votes of the American homosexuals?”

“Am I Obama? Go and ask him in Washington DC. Me I no know why your brother is now behaving as if there is no African blood in his body.”

“Even the Americans, don’t they claim that ‘In God We Trust’?”

“Ooo ooh, your questions are getting too many for my liking. Am I an American? Are they not the same people who trained most of our African pastors? Who made televangelism a worldwide practice today? Who preaches prosperity everywhere? Who quotes verses upon verses of the bible off head? Are they not our American pastors with their pulpitum dramas?”

“Well, maybe their bible is different from the one you and I read.”

“Honestly, the whole thing tire me ooo, haaa! How man go dey climb man, eh? How woman go de kiss woman? Tell me, how would they be doing the thing on the bed sef?”

“Look, Mr. Man, you’re really looking for my trouble this evening. How can you be asking me those stupid questions? Do I look like a homosexual to you? How am I supposed to know how they do it?”

“Oh, sorry, sorry; don’t be offended. It’s just the way I feel about the whole thing.”

“Na you sabi.”

“But I like my brother Obama so much, Oloun gbo. And I really want him to win a second term in office.”

“Does that mean you’re now ‘divorcing’ him because of his statement on gay marriage?”

“Initially, I thought I would disown him as a brother but on a second thought, I think he has actually said the right thing for a president to say.”

“Whaaaat? You don’t ever cease to amaze me! How come you have suddenly changed gear on this discussion? Were you not the same man fuming so much about this issue a few minutes ago?”

“Yes, I was upset, and I still am. But Obama should not be blamed too much for being the first American president to openly declare his opinion – personal opinion for that matter – on this issue.”

Hey, Naija man; you will never change!”

“No. I actually listened to him on ABC News Television yesterday and saw that he was very careful in choosing his words. He said, ‘At a certain point, I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.’”

“And so? What are you inferring?”

“The man simply made his personal opinion known, and he’s entitled to his personal views.”

“Point of correction, Sir! When you make a statement as a President and Commander-In-Chief, whatever you say can never be personal; most especially when you’re the number one citizen in the world!”

“So you’re trying to say that the man spoke on behalf of his country, right?”

“Yes. And don’t forget that a Gallop poll two days ago confirmed that 50% of Americans were in support of same sex marriage. Now that their president has spoken out, and going by the fact that majority of Americans love their president, that percentage is likely to climb to 80%.”

“Or, maybe the number of his supporters will go down because of his statement.”

“That’s also possible. But it won’t be as high as the number that would support his new views.”

“Well, I think with his personal declaration, my brother Obama is simply giving ‘unto Ceaser the things which are Ceaser’s.’

“I hear you.”

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4 thoughts on “Of Same Sex Marriage”

  1. This is nothing but the end time.Will Christ Find faith on earth?Where are the sacrifices of the fathers of old?This is turning to the time of the Israelites in Egypt”a new pharaoh that knew not God”America used to be d motivation of the world on xtianity,now,they are giving in to anti-xtianity.will we say the Baton was not passed well?or perhaps it fell along the way?xtians whose Loyalty are to God,who’ll not sell their birthright for a yam pottage must arise fast.God is counting on us all.

  2. A man’s destiny is determined by the map that he possess and what he might see as treasure island on his map can be a threshold of destruction like the prodigal son.
    Once a man choose to ignore the principle of God in order to please men, such man should be rest assured that such men are only pushing him to the punishment of God.
    Those who are in authority are preaching what they are not practicing! How come Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not having the marriage dissolved and marry same sex in order to be gay?
    Indeed, America has lost its true principles that uphold its sovereignty has a dominant country above the rest of the world and this is a great opportunity for the opponent to come back strong and defend the foundation principle of America!
    Where are the true Christians; Are the total population of true Christians less than the Gay or Same Sex; Are other religions also blind folded to believe that their gods permit Gay and Same Sex?
    If Democratic Party wins again, it confirms that America is doom for destruction without remedy! This is a clarion call to all those who believed in the sacrifice of American’s forefathers and the efforts of all God’s generals that have come, gone and still existing! Church rise up to please God and not mere men, whose mentalities are blinded towards their destruction.
    2 Chron. 7: 14 is the way for American Redemption! Don’t vote yourselves for Destruction.

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