Once again, where are the prophets?

In a blog post dated 9th May, 2014, I asked, “Where are the prophets?” in respect of the abducted Chibok girls. I wanted to know why none of our prophets (and Imams) could give us a divine revelation/guidance on how to find the girls.

As I write, I’m still surprised that the revelation is yet to come. But it’s quite gladdening that some of the girls have now returned without any prior prophetic predictions.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, 8th November, 2016, Americans will be electing their new president in what has been described as a “presidential election without precedent.” Never has anyone seen such acidic and demeaning campaigns displayed by the opposing camps of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the past!

Really terrible!

By tomorrow, it will be over.

But today, anxiety is in the air all over America.

And the vapours of the election trepidation are right here with us in Africa and other parts of the world. Everyone is looking forward to what the outcome of tomorrow’s election will be.

No doubt, human beings are interested in the future. We want to know what tomorrow has for us. That’s why people are happy when they know what is to come tomorrow.

We’ve seen polls upon polls based on data from America.

But in Nigeria, we have our special way of knowing tomorrow.

We listen to our prophets!

Surprisingly, our prophets have been so quiet, and their silence is too disturbing.

Let one of our prophets please help. We want to know who is going to win.

There are prophets and there are prophets.

There is a special prophet in China.

But it’s a monkey. They call him the ‘king of prophets.’

This monkey has given a prophesy. The animal “sees” Donald Trump winning the ticket!

Did I hear you shout, “That’s a prophet of doom”?

If you feel that way, you can easily understand why our prophets must break their silence before it is too late. Any prophesy coming from them after tomorrow will be deceitful.

Let our prophets speak today.

They must prove that monkey prophet of China wrong.

Yes, that monkey cannot be the king of our own prophets. The animal must be told that our own prophets are created in the image of the all-knowing God, and our prophets truly hear from Him.