Re-designing your character

To become a happy person, you must live the kind of life that you’re happy with. Sadly, many people in the world are living other people’s lives. They’re living based on other people’s opinions; they’re constantly seeking acceptance from others; and they’re never happy with themselves.

I know it could be hard to make certain changes, most especially when it comes to resisting what had already been accepted from parents, peers, and spouses. But life is so short to be spent in sadness. You have to be bold and live your life. As they say, “You live just once!”

Living a life of happiness entails sitting down to have a frank talk with yourself. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, sit down, and have a dialogue with your heart. Nobody can know you more than you know yourself. Speak to yourself and decide on how you want to live your life from now on. This is probably the best time of the year to do so. You have to launch into the New Year 2016 with a brand new YOU.

You need to redesign your character and start living it. This new character must be who you truly are – not the YOU that your parents want you to be; not the YOU that friends want you to be; and not the YOU that your spouse wants you to be. You must stop acting and become your real self. That’s what I call living by intention. That’s living by your terms; the terms you decide upon as against the one imposed on you.

In your dialogue with the real YOU, agree on the kind of person you truly are. Agree on how you want to relate with people from now on. And agree on action steps that will ensure your success in whatever you do going forward. Those are three key things that you need to speak to yourself about. Come up with two to three keywords to describe each of these areas of your character design. Commit them to memory, and begin to live by them irrespective of whatever anyone may say. Before long, people will come to accept the real YOU, and they will even be glad to see such changes in you.

You are who you are. There is no other YOU on the surface of the earth. Why, then, would you want to deny the real YOU an opportunity to express himself/herself? It is time to be real.

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