Recent Bomb Blasts and Insurance

One of the promises I earlier made to myself was that I wouldn’t blog about controversial issues, most especially those that have to do with politics and religion. These two issues are quite notorious for controversies. And I don’t intend to invoke any controversy in any of my blog posts.

But recent happenings in Nigeria are quite worrisome to everyone. Nigeria was not known for many of the things that we are now witnessing. We are (were?) not a “bomb throwing country.” Sadly, the number of bombings, particularly suicide bombings, coming up every now and then in the country gives cause for serious concern.

When the United Nation’s building in Abuja was bombed recently, many of our President’s friends on Facebook “slapped” him left, right, and centre. Uncle Goodluck is someone I so much love and respect. One could then imagine how cold I became when people started pouring their vituperations on him like acid. I couldn’t help him out on my Facebook Wall, though. I just kept reading what my fellow citizens were saying. I really felt bad!

But I became so upset when my 19-year old niece fired her own shot at Mr. President. ‘How can a small girl like her talk to the President like that?’ I fumed.  

My niece had complained that the President was yet to say a word about the bomb blast, and she wondered why.

I fired back at her saying, “…but the President has spoken through his Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Dr. Reuben Abati.”

As if she was waiting for me, knowing full well that the President is my “uncle;” she snapped back, “No, we want the President to speak to us personally.” I kept quiet.

But the President finally spoke, and he gave reasons for his lateness. Were his Facebook friends satisfied with his explanations? Well, I wouldn’t know.

Sadly and surprisingly too, another bomb erupted a few days ago – on a Christmas Day, and at a church for that matter! Which way Nigeria?

In this article today, I want to stir up a discussion. I won’t call it a controversy, because it shouldn’t be. The discussion is not about the demands being made by Boko Haram (Do I even know why they are fighting?). This article is not about who is right or wrong. It is not about religious beliefs. And it is not about the President. It is about insurance.

I’m sure everyone is furious about what is happening; most especially the unnecessary waste of innocent people’s lives. I also believe that the whole world sees what is happening in the country as acts of terrorism. Since that is the case, how do you think the insurance companies should deal with any claim that may arise from these bomb attacks in Nigeria?

I am targeting two sets of people here – insurance and non-insurance people. As an insurance person, do you think insurance companies should pay any claim that may arise? As a non-insurance person, do you believe that the insurance companies have a responsibility for payment?

I look forward to reading your comments. 

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  1. It is claimable from insurance perspective because it depends on the type of policy bought from underwriting firm, more so its an accidental death arising out of terrorism in which the assured does not plan or wish him self for. where the policy cover death and there is non exception that state death arising out of national terrorism or religion. e.g Group life Cover.
    Nowithstanding the limited clauses on the policy e.g riot and civil commotion or religions crises
    They need to be indemnify.

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