Recession, Saving, and Bonding

Truly, recession should bring the best out of us. Recession time is usually creativity time – a time when the genius in us becomes more active.

I am one of those people who believe that there is a lot of wastage in our society. Look at these two scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Two families live in the same house and they attend the same church. On Sunday, each of the families drive to the same church in their separate cars. Yet, only one of the cars is enough to take all of them to the same church. They leave for the church almost at the same time and return home almost at the same time.
  • Scenario 2: Two colleagues live close to each other. They leave home (and return home) almost at the same time. But each of them drives his own car to and from the office.

Imagine how much fuel they could save through carpooling. Also think about how closely knitted they could become by commuting together.

It’s quite amazing how strange we live in our society these days. People are far apart from one another! And it’s a combination of many things – fear, suspicion, pride, jealousy…name it.

With the current economic recession, think about how much savings people could make through sharing. And there are many things that could be shared:  cars, generators, flats etc.

But we don’t seem to be cut out for such.

Instead of sharing cars, we would rather buy a better car than that of our neighbour.

Instead of sharing the same generator in the same block, we would rather buy our separate generators, even if it’s just to prove that “I better pass my neighbour.”

Instead of sharing one ram for the ongoing Sallah, we would rather buy our individual goats!

Maybe recession will teach us better. Maybe recession will force bonding and friendship on us as a people.

I bounced this idea of sharing with someone last week. He listened carefully, smiled and said, “Good idea. We can as well share our spouses!” Can you imagine?

Let’s hope that things get better soon. Let’s pray that the predictions coming from our government officials don’t come to pass. I just read one of such predictions. It’s from the Minister of State for Agriculture & Rural Development, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri.  He said that a bag of rice could sell for N40,000 by December 2016!

It shouldn’t happen. But if it does, this message would make more sense to many people.

I rest my case.