Recession without Depression

I love my country, Nigeria. Good or bad, we’re never short of terms, slogans or slangs. Our current reigning chant is “Recession.” Everywhere you turn, the unfavourable economic slump is the topic of discussion; even in beer parlours where you least expect people to be spending their hard-earned money at this time. Well, they will argue that they go there to clear off their financial woes.


That would surely be a temporary solution.

Stories are already circulating, some of which are stranger than fiction. They range from people who have hanged themselves to those who have killed their partners because of a few naira notes – all in the name of recession!

True, times are hard.

True, prices are skyrocketing.

True, economic experts – real and self-proclaimed – are scaring us off our feet with their predictions and analysis.

True, many people have already become hopeless and helpless.

But the real truth is that recessions don’t last forever. The one that Nigeria is currently facing will surely fade off – one day.

OK, someone has just said, “That’s if everyone in Nigeria has not died before that time.”

No, that’s negativity.

It depends on what you see.

I want you to see the positive side.

As we speak, many are making real cool money from this same economy. And they’re praying that this period should never end. Yet they’re not “Abuh the Dollar Changer” at Ikeja. Just think about that woman who is producing in Nigeria and exporting abroad to earn cool dollars!

Yes, a dollar now exchanges for more than N400 in the black market!


On no account should we allow the current economic crisis to depress us. Our profit should not be depression. Far from it. Rather, you and I should look for the opportunities presented and harness them to the fullest.

OK, you ask me, “How is that possible in these hard times?”

And I will ask you as a layman, “Please where has all the money disappeared to?” Clearly, money is a visitor. Today, it visits some people; tomorrow it packs its bags and moves to another household. Money is constantly travelling. It is for you to position yourself in such a way that it stops at your doorstep and does not pass you by.

The best thing is for us to acknowledge the realities on ground, but concentrate efforts on the positive things that can come out of the current situation.

As the noise of recession raged, and as I began to think about how best to get more enlightened, I found an interesting book written by David Lester, titled How They Started in Tough Times.  Here is how the book has been described:

“Do you dream of starting a business, but are too nervous to take the leap during economic uncertainty? It seems even more risky and difficult than normal. But How They Started in Tough Times may surprise you by revealing that many big businesses did just that – names such as Tesco, Argos, Foxtons, Burger King, Penguin, Oakley and Microsoft. But how did they start-up? How They Started in Tough Times profiles 25 business founders who started successful businesses during a tough economic climate – and thrived. They tell why they took that first step, the unique challenges they faced and how they grew and became established.”

Hope is not lost. Maybe you should grab a copy of this exciting book. It’s a great way to clear off any depression – or thoughts of depression – that the current recession may be giving you.

Go ye and prosper!