Reward and Risk

It is often said that risk and reward are siblings.

It’s true.

In most cases, the size of the reward you get is a function of the level of risk you take. When it comes to investment, for instance, you get higher returns (reward) on high risk investments than low risk investments.

Risk and reward affect almost everything in life.

Chances of getting involved in a motor accident is almost zero if you decide to walk from Lagos to Ibadan, as against going by a motor vehicle. But you will definitely miss the huge reward of getting to Ibadan within an hour in a more conducive condition.

On the basic day-to-day pedestal, people miss a lot of opportunities and rewards simply because they’re afraid of taking the associated risks.

Examples abound.

A lady doesn’t want to take the risk of giving her suitor a chance because she’s scared of possible marital headaches. So she remains unmarried and unhappy until her time passes.

A man is unwilling to change his job because he’s afraid of what he could encounter somewhere else. So he remains in one place with unhappiness.

A proprietor refuses to let go of the mantle of leadership because he considers delegation to be too risky. So he misses the reward of having more time to relax and be healthier.

Rewards are missed and opportunities are lost when you refuse to embrace risk taking.

Life itself is a risk.

Sleeping at night is a risk. You don’t know where nature takes you to, and you don’t have 100% assurance of waking up the following morning.

So, why worry?

Wouldn’t you rather put controls in place to the best of your ability and go ahead to take a plunge into the world of the unknown?

That’s how huge success can be attained.

That’s how successful people get to where they are.

That’s what life is all about.

To your success!

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