Singing like birds


I came across this line a few days ago: “I want to sing like birds sing, not worrying who listens or what they think” (Rumi poems).

Quite instructive!

Birds sing from the heart. And they don’t give a damn about who is listening.

But most of us are ‘worry machine.’

Instead of singing our songs, instead of living our lives optimally, instead of pursuing our life goals; we continue to worry.

We worry about what people would say and think about our actions.

We allow others to live our lives for us.

We then bury our dreams.

The flames die off.

We keep the beautiful notes in our belly …unsung.

What a mistake!

A show of ignorance.

Life is too short to worry and think about what people say.

That’s their headache.

Yours is to act.

Yours is to live.

Yours is to fulfill your dreams.

Sing your song, buddy!

Let out the giant within you.

Sing like birds do, and stop worrying about what people say or think.

That’s how you can be happy.

That’s how you can be free.

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